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Today, on my way to Burger King I got into a heated discussion with my wife about our cats. We have 15 rescues, and I've reached my limit. Guess what came running up to my car while waiting in the drive-through. We named him Pickles. FML
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Sir_ND_Pity 35

Do you want fries with that? In all honesty, I like the idea of rescuing animals, but, you are right, there is a limit, especially if it is in your home. Hopefully you can reach a compromise! Until then, I hope you like Pickles :P


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Are you impersonating the British or something?

So I've just gotten done watching an old Sherlock movie. What of it? Besides, isn't it illegal to have so many animals living in one place if not zoned for livestock? Even right after complaining to his SO about it?

I hope Pickles isn't someones outdoor cat that OP's wife just stole lol

SDee1234 11

Legally you can rescue as many as you want as long as you tell the county animal control your operating as a rescue and the animals are healthy fixed and are current on shots

incoherentrmblr 21

Doesn't matter, is married...

How the hell did you conclude that OP is female?!

My understanding of a crazy cat lady isn't necessarily gender specific

ElementaryEdGuy 18

I am definitely a crazy cat lady, and I'm male. Fight the negative stereotype that only women can be crazy cat ladies!

cryssycakesx3 22

I think 2 means the wife. because the FML is about the wife…

As previous comments explain, "crazy cat lady" works for both genders. Also, OP doesn't seem to have much in the way of balls (at least when it comes to his wife and her cat obsession), so even if it was gender-specific, I'd say it works

Sir_ND_Pity 35

Do you want fries with that? In all honesty, I like the idea of rescuing animals, but, you are right, there is a limit, especially if it is in your home. Hopefully you can reach a compromise! Until then, I hope you like Pickles :P

I think the time for compromise is over. There should be no more cats, period. OP needs to make that clear. There are many ways to drive a man to insanity; this is one of them.

I think a good compromise would be saving the cats and then finding a good home for them, would make more sense to me then actually keeping everything they find.

That's what I was thinking, 31. Just post some adds online and get those cats to some good homes :) my personal limit for cats is way less than 15, but OP and his/her wife should definitely talk about it and agree on what cats and how many they want to keep.

Hiimhaileypotter 52

If OP lives in Virginia I will gladly take Pickles... haha :)

68, Generally, people who rescue animals take them to the vet. Op didn't say he is unable to care for the cats or that they aren't being properly cared for, he is just tired of all the cats! Stop being judgmental of what is meant to be a very nice act.

I don't think they have a problem unless you consider having a huge heart a problem. It's hard not to feel bad and want to give them all a home but there does come a point when you need to give them to other good homes.

Kuro_Kamen 12

better check on those local laws too to see how many pets you're allowed to have.

Razi_tail 25

Actually no 76, not every "rescue" is legit. It doesn't mean they don't care about the animals but 15 is way to many for your average household. Cats are much happier being king or queen of a house by themselves or with one other cat. I work at a shelter and know all the health problems that comes with many in a tight living space. The ammonia, possible diseases, respiratory infections and everything is a huge problem let alone fleas, worms, and highly contagious ringworm. Plenty of hoarders start out rescuing the animals and quickly become overwhelmed. They are not the only people in the world that can care for the cats, even though the wife would probably think so.

Most legit rescues place the cats in foster homes while they are waiting for adoption anyhow. There is no reason a good sized house would get gross with 15-20 cats if they are well cared for and promptly cleaned up after. I have seen houses with 25 cats and several dogs that were perfectly decent and houses with 1-2 animals (or no animals and 1-2 people) that were ******* squalid disaster areas that you can smell from across the road. I think OP is probably just annoyed with buying food and litter for an assload of cats, and likely being unable to sleep, eat, or shower without "Meeeeeeeeeeeow mrrrow *bat bat bat*"

UnicornFarts 15

Looks like your wife is becoming the crazy cat lady. Edit: #2 beat me to it.

I'm impressed no one has made a lame "pussy whipped" joke yet.

you can never have enough cats. .. or pickles.

I was gonna say you can never have too much pussy but you took it nor step further with the pickle comment!

00sweeney 2

Let me get this straight--if a cat approaches you in public, you "rescue" it? WTF? Not every house is a house cat. You're a terrible person.

woa dude, chill... calling someone terrible when you've never even met them is a terrible thing to do.

There is a reason people don't take homeless people in to live with them: it's bloody inconvenient. Don't get me wrong, I love cats (I have two of them) and I think anyone willing to take in a man in need (or woman) is a fantastic person. But generally, there is a limit to how much of your own convenience you're willing to part with in order to help others, and if you've passed that limit you should just stop. Seriously.

"Not every house is a house cat." I'd like to counter that I don't believe any houses are house cats. That would be difficult, to say the least. That would be an extremely large cat.

I noticed something was wrong, but completely missed that. My car isn't a car dog :(

skittyskatbrat 19

As long as they report it found, post fliers, check it for a chip, put the free ad in the local paper, post it on craigslist, etc. they're okay. But if they just say "Hey, look, a cat! He's sweet! Let's keep him!" then there is a really big problem with stolen property. In this case, it's entirely possible the house beside the restaurant has a cat that figured out that if you go to Burger King, people sometimes give you bits of hamburger, and that there are lots of mice around the garbage bin. I had a "lost dog" of my own that was chipped, I put up over 300 signs, went to the shelter every day, put an ad in the paper, contacted all 20-something local vets. She looked scraggly and had no collar BECAUSE I WAS TRIMMING HER FUR TO GIVE HER A BATH!!! And during a haircut break was when she got out of the yard. I got her back ten days later because she was really neurotic and the thieves couldn't deal with it. There was even a flier at the end of their street with a picture of the dog. And a flier in front of the house beside mine, where they'd "rescued" her. When they realized she was more than they could handle they decided to call me. They had not even reported her "found" to the shelter. So, I have very very very little sympathy for people that "rescue" animals without trying to find the owners.

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AliceLockehart 18

That's pretty much how I rescued my dog, he followed me on a walk one night & back home, so I decided to feed the poor skinny thing. I took him to my local vet a few days later to see if he was chipped or registered, but he wasn't. They took him to the local shelter & kept him there for a week, his owners (if he had any) never turned up so I adopted him. I'm not sure he was well looked after, he stunk to high heaven & had terrible conjunctivitis in both eyes, & skinny as a rake too. Best decision I've ever made, he's a Great Dane x bull mastiff & he's a gentle giant. Very friendly & looooves attention all of the times. :3

Never ever ever ever post it on Craig's list, its too dangerous, some sick ***** go on there to get free pets to do terrible things to them

We adopted our cat, he was living in our flower bed for about 3 weeks so we ended up taking him to the vet. Turns out his owners had moved out of the country and just left him. He chose us an eventually we just decided to keep him.

Maybe consider passing them off to family and friends who may want cats. They get a good home, and you don't have the responsibility of collecting and caring for however many cats you rescue. You and your wife seem like really good people.

By time y'all get older y'all will have 100s of them.

melacortez 11

Maybe she's needs a kid to take care off, hopefully the ASPCA doesn't go to your home

They probably got most of their cats from the ASPCA...