By Champion the wonder horse - 28/07/2011 08:15 - United States

Today, a bunch of guys at work chased me down a corridor with a Febreze spray for smelling like I'd been "sleeping in a hollowed-out horse's carcass" and having "the personal hygiene of a billy goat." FML
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Maybe you should take a shower more often.

Psh febreze can't help you now. You're going to need to pull out the big guns. Yup I mean soap and water.


Maybe you should take a shower more often.

Yeah for real :/ Id do the same thing if someone I had to deal with on a daily basis smelled like as$...

Damn OP, showering has only good benefits

yea , dude . take a shower . geez . YDI for not showering to the point where you smelled like you slept in a dead horse ! i would have chased you with a bottle of febreeze if i were them too ! that sorta sucks tho cause thatd be pretty embarassing to have them chasing you around spraying you with febreeze infront of everyone ..

boy, you must be STANKY!

he never said he didn't shower ... stop jumping to conclusions.

Whether they showered or not the fact is they smell so unbearable people had to take physical action. Something isn't right there.

why else would he stink then?

Maybe he should just stop sleeping in horse carcasses

he really should take a shower AND deodorant and body spray

Today, me and my coworkers got fired for chasing down another coworker with febreeze. The same coworker we told our boss that hasn't showered for months. FOL

thats straight up nasty....i think u need more than one or two showers

is OP the grouch from sesame street? I mean when he lived in a garbage can before the government censored it.. those bastards..

dude why would you not take a shower. I bet your house probably smells like pure shit.

nothing said he didn't take a shower.. u ppl can't just assume that. what if the guys didn't actually think that they were just messing around..?? then wat?

131 y else would he smell like that?

seriously, how bad does he smell?! must b pretty bad if they had to use the febreeze on him...

How long did it take to get that bad? A day? A week? A month? WTF?

Thats good to know.

You shouldn't thanked them, Febreze smells very nice.

haha yeah... wait that made no sense at all.

I think they're just jealous(;

Dammit, Roseanne!

febreze? .....learn how to spell

Why did u smell like a hollowed out horses carcass?

And how do they know what a hollowed horse carcass smells like?

eggers some of the stuff you say is Funny but sometimes I think you try too hard

No need to be harsh, Nick Hogan. ^

how is that trying too hard? she's asking a legit question.

23 people think he's funny vs the 11 people that think your a jackas Hmmmm he wins

Bear Grylls would know what a hollow carcass feels like.... Seriously, he slept in a dead camel.

Psh febreze can't help you now. You're going to need to pull out the big guns. Yup I mean soap and water.

Tehe you make a point.

Or industrial cleanser...

take 'em out back and turn on the hose. or strap to the roof of the car and go through the carwash. skip the wax.

1 word, delousing.

made my day ^^^^^^^^^^^^

they have bad taste in pranks. or if it wasn't a prank, how were they hired?

dude they were hired to work there ... and it wasnt a prank in any way he doesnt take a shower and they wanted him to smell good cause he smells like a dead horse hollowed out carcasse ... how is that even a possible prank ?????

ummm..... tell me, who would tell someone they have the personal hygiene of a billy goat?

and is being serious?

That's what you get for sleeping inside horses.

The thought of such a smell makes my panties wet.

LOL uhhhh WHAT..? xD

It's MusclesGlasses :O

Nononononono. I think the correct term is LOLWURT?!

I think she means it made her wanna shower again XD

if their accusations are true, then you really need to take a shower, brush your teeth, use some deodorant, something man.

or stop running from them...

It's called a shower try to have one sometimes! Or, stop sleeping with the horses!

plz don't jump to conclusions. nothing he sed proved he didn't take showers