By Champion the wonder horse - United States
Today, a bunch of guys at work chased me down a corridor with a Febreze spray for smelling like I'd been "sleeping in a hollowed-out horse's carcass" and having "the personal hygiene of a billy goat." FML
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  MinkaGraham  |  0

yea , dude . take a shower . geez . YDI for not showering to the point where you smelled like you slept in a dead horse ! i would have chased you with a bottle of febreeze if i were them too ! that sorta sucks tho cause thatd be pretty embarassing to have them chasing you around spraying you with febreeze infront of everyone ..

  transfat  |  0

dude they were hired to work there ... and it wasnt a prank in any way he doesnt take a shower and they wanted him to smell good cause he smells like a dead horse hollowed out carcasse ... how is that even a possible prank ?????