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  CAC_Boomerang  |  24

#18 I agree...
Of course there's a bunch of stupid people out there, but to think a flat piece of plastic with a signature on the back will malfunction on contact with water seems almost too stupid...

  snowflaky  |  22

#10 By the sounds of this FML, OP had the gift cards just laying on the counter, probably by the sink, where anyone could easily find them (or spill water on them apparently). Even if I have the most trustworthy, honest roommates in the world, I wouldn't keep anything valuable like that within their sights.
FYL OP for having a shitty roommate, but you also deserve it for being careless with your gift cards.

  slackerjoe  |  22

I agree, the roommate stole them. take them to small claims court, dont forget to ask for court fees! even if they didn't steal them they are still responsible.