By BrokeAndSad - 30/03/2015 01:09 - United States - Columbus

Today, I lost hundreds of dollars in gift cards. Robbed? No. Mugged? Don't think so. My roommate threw them away after he got water on them, thinking that it rendered them unusable. FML
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JMichael 25

If he truly believes that then yes he is. But I believe he kept those hundreds of dollars for himself.

CAC_Boomerang 24

#18 I agree... Of course there's a bunch of stupid people out there, but to think a flat piece of plastic with a signature on the back will malfunction on contact with water seems almost too stupid...

Not any sort of dumb ass, Red Foreman approved

Try and search the trash if it's not too late!

I would make the room mate search it.

Why did you keep giftcards worth 'hundreds of dollars' in a place where water could be spilled on them?

It's easy access for the roommate to hundreds of dollars, by the way. Are you sure he threw them away? He could be smarter than we think!

@clemscott...who's to say she was victim me it seems she's asking a genuine question...and to be truthful it's a question I was going to ask as well

#10 By the sounds of this FML, OP had the gift cards just laying on the counter, probably by the sink, where anyone could easily find them (or spill water on them apparently). Even if I have the most trustworthy, honest roommates in the world, I wouldn't keep anything valuable like that within their sights. FYL OP for having a shitty roommate, but you also deserve it for being careless with your gift cards.

I agree, the roommate stole them. take them to small claims court, dont forget to ask for court fees! even if they didn't steal them they are still responsible.

That's why wallets and other things have been invented, and your roommate is a dumbass

hoosiergirl94 31

I said YDI only bc bc why is that much money just sitting out?

think he shuld pay ur rent for a couple months, call it even

Just give him a pat on the head and a box of Special K.

smack to the head he should of had a V8, your roommate is not that bright sorry OP.

Drown him. Refuse to bury him. He's been rendered useless by his wetness.