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Today, I found out my husband pretends to be a young, bisexual woman online. As if that isn't bad enough, he flipped out and didn't believe me when I told him the other "young, bisexual women" he's been beating it to are probably middle-aged men too. FML
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Where does this situation warrant that?

I mean is cyber cheating not cheating to you? it's cheating in my opinion.

They're married, and you want to overreact? All the guy is doing is catfishing some l people, I do it all the time.

Also, we're just going to ignore how she didn't overreact? It's not like he actually went and ****** some girl, he didn't even send pictures of himself! What he did is basically like watching ****, with a bit more thrill.

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You guys need to stop overreacting. He beating to pictures not cheating on her. You people overreact way too much. How do u know it's not op fault he is beating it. Maybe he is horny and she is denying sex for a long time. Women should not be expected to have sex every day but a healthy relationship with your partner requires sex for connection.

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Its because of reality TV. Overreaction is the new trend.

You all do realise that #1 was only making a pun, right?

Ok what exactly is the difference in beating it to someone in person and beating it to someone interacting with you online? I've never understood how people don't see that as wrong? and your comment on the note of her not putting out enough makes me want to hurt you. it's not exactly her responsibility to be a human sex toy. just saying. on the note, yeah maybe a divorce is a little uncalled for, but it's still cheating in my opinion.

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54, are you joking me? No one said she had to be a sex toy, but if you don't think having sex once every two weeks is not key to a healthy relationship, well then I can't take you seriously and it's not like he is watching videos of them online and beating it. He is probably looking at pictures. Let me ask you a question, you withhold sex for two months, since you do that, you find your husband or boyfriend beating it to ****, is that cheating as well?

I guess maybe my opinion is skewed in your eyes. but I think that might be because I would never willingly go 2 weeks without sex. much less 2 months. I have issues going more than 3 days. I've always been the more wanting in every relationship I've had and you can ask my husband, it drives insane. Tuesday was his birthday. do you know who turned down who? it's not exactly like every girl is withholding sex. And it's also not our job to sexually appease men at their every desire. HOWEVER I would say it is necessary to keep a relationship functioning. but any given point of there is something the other party feels they deserve they have the right to leave. marriage is not slave trade. this applies to a man being withheld sex or a women being disrespected by a husband over the Internet.

also I should ask if your girlfriends were touching themselves whilst talking to another man would all be so quick to say it not a big deal? or would be quicker to say that she's a bitch for not just hang sex with the one she's got?

Catfishing ISNT okay. I don't see how people find it fun unless you enjoy manipulating and ******* with people's mind, which really isn't okay.

Also, while it might not be divorce worthy now, if he continues after op says she isn't okay with it then it definitely it divorce worthy.

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61, okay I understand that I was wrong about you and I know it's not right for anyone to demand sex but I'm just saying holding out on a guy or a guy holding out on a girl for two months or more in a really long relationship may not lead to cheating but it can lead to weird things like this which is weird and dum I admit, I just don't think it deserves divorce over something like this. However it should stop. I'm assuming that op here is being sex deprived for than two months but again I'm assuming.

That's strange but at the same time he is probably just doing it to pass the time bi,laugh about it!

I like to read to pass the time. Although I suppose pretending to be a chick and beating off is also a valid hobby..

Too bad nobody got the pun, but I thought it was funny. :/ here have an upvote for trying.

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Just trying to make that J.O. crystal glow with that positive energy.

Poor guy, at least he hadn't been catfished out of anything valuable. Hopefully that's bi bi to that hobby ha

It reminds me of an episode on Family Guy where a middle aged old man was pretending to be a teenage girl, and the other guy did the same!

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@5 Wanna come over and help me move?

You know this isn't a lot of stuff we could probably know this out in about an hour

I don't wanna say Floridians, but Floridians

Being from Florida, anytime I hear something weird like this happen I think "wow that's weird for someone to do." Then, when I find out it happened in Florida I think "oh hey, I think this FML is about Fred."

Am I right when i say this is illegal?

Assuming 'young' still means old enough I'd say nope. If he's using other women's photos without their knowledge to pretend to be them there may be some copyright issues.

Who the hell would go to court over that. Just imagine it. "Sir, did you use the nude photos of this adult movie star without her express consent?" "She ***** people for everyone to see!" The man stated angrily throwing his arms up in he direction of the pornstar, but his desperate attempt to show the ridiculousness of this event failed.

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Actually it is illegal. It's actually against American law to have any account online that isn't under your real name. Also, if he is using pictures of women (not from stock photos or something) that is also probably illegal.

it is only illegal if he was pretending to be another real person a made up name is not illegal

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Sounds like he has some identity issues

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Just like the majority of people who go to nude beaches are men.

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Agreed. Some of those "girls" are actually male. Annoying.

Even more annoying was being assumed for a male when I wasn't. I would get really pissed and be like "nah really I have a ******* twat and if you try to tell me I don't I'll give you one too with a pocket knife. ain't no way in hell I live the hell of a period to be told I'm not a girl!"