By Anonymous - 30/05/2012 22:35 - Italy - Milan

Today, I finally summed up the courage to break up with my abusively controlling girlfriend. I don't know what I was thinking, but instead of leaving as a free man, I left as an engaged one. FML
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"Hey bitch, I'm leaving you." Wasnt so hard, was it?

How does that happen?


How does that happen?

She brainwashed him.

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Trisha_aus 15

She must be a magical woman, actually all women are when the guy is a dickless fuckclump

syley 5

Well he didn't sum up enough courage.

aswan10 3

Abuse never gets anyone anywhere... Either does marriage

He got hit in the head most likely

Cause OPs girlfriend is as persuasive as Bill Clinton...

blcksocks 19

You know how some stupid girls like to stay with their abusive boyfriends? Yeah, op is a male version of that.

58- he didn't get hit in the head...he probably got some amazing head though

I refuse to marry into an already developed disaster.

Oh and you lack the testicular fortitude for the task at hand.. Grow a pair

I agree with this guy in so many ways.

#9's comment is actually correct. There is an article about how women like this use brainwashing techniques to control men, whether they are aware of it or not. I forgot where the article is. Google.

OP - "Hey honey, you know... I've been feeling a little..." Gf - "A little what? Get on with it!" OP - "Well I think we should, you know..." Gf - "Get married?! I knew that's what you were going to say! You WERE going to say that right...?" *Cracks knuckles* OP - Yes! That's exactly what I was going to ask! Will you marry me? Please don't hurt me..." Gf - Of course I'll marry you. Now get your sorry ass out of my house. OP - "Yes m'am." That sounds about right.

OhDearBetrayal 25

This would be a perfect time for one of Noor's stories...

Sparks808 10

Not quite sure if this a FYL, or YDI. I think I'm coming to the conclusion that it's a little of both: FYL for being in an abusive relationship, but YDI for not having the cahones to get out of it, and for digging yourself a bigger hole to lie in. Hopefully you will be able to get out, before you get married or God forbid have children. Good luck to you.

aaahhhfire21 0

You sir have what's known as Ken-doll-itis it's the comical lack of any male anatomy meaning it's not really your fault you lacked the necessary boulders to perform the oh so scary task of dumping a girl this rare but serious disease has effected the dickless men through history and I'm sure docbasterd could back me up on the disease. Get checked out there is hope for u yet

iGrassYourSister 6

pussy, you can aswell lock your tiny pee pee in the chastity cage and be ready to serve her as a cuckold because that's what you deserve for being a feminine sissy! no one will ever respect you EVER!!! damn weaklings, im glad you will never passs your genes to the next generation!

He's trapped for life! Quick! Run while you still can!!!

Ur, errr, picture is actually a pic right? Some interesting thoughts just flashed through my mind...

tuzdee1022 0

Not Only will she be a bridezilla but she will Be a "wife-zilla" lol

273 - I knew your pic wasn't inappropriate but it took me a minute to figure out what the heck it really was...

You'll be surprised how abusive partners can mentally trash your confidence to do anything for yourself. This guy probably has very low self-esteem (caused by the girlfriend). I understand the feeling; I've been in a relationship like this before and it's surprising how much control the partner has. I feel sorry for you OP, but you've GOT to break up with her, or you'll never get your life back on track.

hes not a real man

OP why would you propose when you wanted to break up?

"Hey bitch, I'm leaving you." Wasnt so hard, was it?

stevenJB 25

Simple and straight to the point. Does it get my clearer than this?

"Yes, I will marry you!" *OP's mind: dafuq?*

sparklecherry 4

Was for that guy.

It actually can be pretty difficult. I've tried to end an abusive relationship before and ended up making the opposite of progress. You need to have a strong resolve and not be swayed by what the other person says. Stockholm syndrome also tends to play a roll...

#67-- Exactly. If OP were a girl in an abusive relationship, you know that everyone would be sympathetic. No one tells abused women to "Just leave" because it's obviously not that simple. Yet when it's a guy being abused, people think he's just being a pussy. What a double standard...

I agree with you 100% 71

I would agree, except that many people do say "just leave him". They're only sympathetic to the abuse, but still express that the individual is an idiot for staying with him. The only double standard is that people don't care about abuse towards men. And yes it is that easy...

It definitely is not that easy. It took me several attempts to break up with my partner; he always turned it around and made me feel more like I needed him. Now, months later, I'm still recovering from the severe depression and anxiety that started during the relationship, as well as many other things.

Colonel_Lexi 18

If the FML started with "I tried to leave my abusively controlling BOYFRIEND" every FML commentor(sp?) on here would be really sympathetic towards OP instead of teasing him.

There's a double standard for a reason. Males are characteristically more dominant and aggressive. That's not just a social stigma. And while there are always exceptions, the generalization exists for a legitimate reason.

123, Then I would argue that you're either gullible or a little mentally weak. You'd surely be able to see through the bullshit otherwise. Breaking up with anyone is going to be difficult, but I don't think it is really any harder to do it in a situation of abuse unless you fear they may come after you and hurt you later. Theres no way you'd end up engaged. 131, It could go either way on that one, though I do think people would be more sympathetic in general to her cause, it is difficult to say whether ending up engaged would shift the perspective a bit. 243, That is the stupidest shit anyone has said so far. Congratulations, you take the award for the dumbest person on this FML.

SmallBean 12

Why does that make 243 the "stupidest" person on FML? Males are in fact generally more "dominant" and aggressive due to testosterone and historical social values.

245 - Actually, 243 is right. If you bothered to look into her argument instead of cursing her out then you might have realized that there was some truth to it. Instead you chewed her out for not agreeing with an argument that appears to be supported entirely by you wishing reeeeally hard for it to be true. Sorry, but I don't think that makes her the dumbest person on this FML. It just demonstrates your inability to handle facts that don't validate your world view.

Seriously 245? Get an education. Or use google. Everything I said was completely factual. I could understand you insulting me if you disagreed with my opinion but my comment wasn't laced with bias like yours clearly is. Men have a biological propensity towards more aggressive behavior due to hormones such as testosterone. Fact, not opinion.

245 - wrong. guess that makes your comment the stupidest one.

"And while there are always exceptions, the generalization exists for a legitimate reason." Legitimate reason? You think being an ignorant jackass is a legitimate reason? WOW. I really have no words for how stupid you all are. If you people honestly will say that it is not absolutely absurd that people would disregard any form of abuse of men simply because males are generally built to be dominant and aggressive (and therefore we assume that it seems ridiculous that any female would engage in such behaviour? Oh then you are all ******* moronic. Does the word "empathy" mean nothing to you? Why am I needing to explain this point? Are you all that ******* dense? If someone is being abused, they are obviously not in a dominant position ESPECIALLY in a society that explicitly FORBIDS men to lay a hand on a woman. It is in no way a ridiculous concept that a man would be the victim of abuse...I really hope it's just that I'm tired and have misread this whole thing.

you definitely misread the whole thing. she was saying that generally men are more dominant etc and therefore people are less supportive of an abused male because they assume he should have the balls to stand up for himself. no one was saying that that's the right thing. thats my take on this anyway. I might be wrong

nattynatters 14

I'm pretty sure you're a guy. So... You're just proving her point by being overly aggressive... On an Internet forum.

RuskiManBearPig 4

I literally wish I could give you multiple thumbs up because all of that is completely ******* true

I was saying that the generalization exists because there's biological proof to back it up, not that we should generalize every situation. And I did mention there always being exceptions. You're still reading farther into my comment than what I'm actually saying.

you'll hear a lot of people say to just leave him because it seems obvious, but beneath everything if they were once a couple very very much in love they will always have an image of what they could be like if said partner changed. some people just love the idea of an extremely happy relationship and constantly dream about their partners changing to be who they possibly used to be. they're not weak, some people don't understand the difference between being in love and loving the idea. I'd also like to say, abuse works both ways, there's many women who physically abuse partners also us women can be manipulative bitches sometimes!

Well jus like woman who sleep around are hoes n men are studs. Welcome to the world. Men are less likely to report abuse donors not the norm and ppl don't think that's the first option when hearing stories like this. Men can be in abusive relationships, they jus tend to be more verbal. But please don't start with the double standard shit cuz that's crap!

There are biological differences between races, but that doesn't make double standards between races okay. Abuse is not exclusively physical. Women tend to abuse verbally or manipulatively (like falsely accusing men of rape or refusing to let them see their children, repeatedly verbally assaulting them, public humiliation, stealing/controlling their money, etc.) STILL JUST AS BAD. Even if the woman WERE abusing physically, it's stupid to think that stereotypes or differences in strength mean she can't hurt a man. For example, if a child stabs an adult with a knife, IT STILL FUCKING HURTS. You guys may be lucky not to have been abused by women, but don't underestimate the damage they can do. Seriously people. I can't believe some of you are trying to justify abuse with stereotypes.

268, That's not how it reads at all. 295, Every generalisation exists for a reason. Theres a reason to back up ANYTHING. Even Hitler has a "reason" for the bullshit he pulled. What you said was there is a "legitimate" reason, which is a completely different thing altogether. Saying there is a reason based on biology for this, then following it up with "and I agree that it is a load of bullshit that people would think this way" would have left me going "I completely agree". You didn't. You left it with "And while there are always exceptions, the generalization exists for a legitimate reason" which suggests that men being abused is only unacceptable in "exceptional circumstances" not as a general rule, because men are built to be more aggressive and therefore should just "man up". There are no words for how stupid such an opinion would be.

You're not exactly one to talk about generalising given that you say I'm weak-minded and gullible for being unable to end an abusive relationship. Ever heard of Stockholm Syndrome? Read up on it. But thank you, for being enough of a douche to insult the girl with severe depression, about one of the REASONS she's depressed.

I said there's a legitimate reason the generalization exists, not a legitimate reason for people to have disdain for every abused male in a relationship. I was simply remarking upon the origins of said double standard but I never condoned it, in fact I think women can be just as if not more abusive at least in the emotional realm. Maybe I didn't make that clear and if so, I understand why you read my comment differently. Generalizations exist because people look at small bits of factual evidence and allow their biases to influence every associated incident.

341, ...I didn't say generalising is bad...its necessary in many cases. I said its unacceptable to overlook someones abuse because guys need to man up. Don't get me wrong, I think it's terrible that you were being abused - assuming it's true - and in no way do I think that you deserve it. This is the point I am making, that people will act as though abuse towards men isn't an issue. I am however saying that leaving an abusive person should not be more difficult than leaving anyone else assuming no increased risk. I have actually ended a relationship with an emotionally abusive partner, which went horribly, but I knew that the situation was ****** up and logically wouldn't give in to the feelings of remorse and sympathy. Since this is clearly an issue you can't discuss objectively I'm not going to bother any further.

71- agreed

Wow, let's have moral debates and then talk about the science and genetics and make-up of the male and female anatomy on a website dedicated to having a laugh at the expense of others!

342, And now we are on the same page :P 352, I know right?! I came here for LULZ not this actual discussion bullshit, and if thats what I'm here for, then that's what everyone should be doing! LULZ! ROFLOLZ! ROFLOLMAOWTFBBQ!!!!!111one Every time someone complains that people are discussing something real it makes them look like a slow minded buffoon.

71-actually, woman are considered the weaker sex. So we are bound to get more sympathy than a guy would, simply because men have worse tempers, and tend to be jyst more aggressive in general, and also are usually stronger. And people are told to "just leave" there abusive partner. But it doesn't always work that way.

Why are we arguing about this anyway? 2's comment was meant to be funny.

Good god, I came here to read some funny comments, but instead find a rant debating the dominance of men in society.,.

honeybadgerDG2S 2

#71 I do tell the girl to leave an abusive relationship. You are not going to get any where being sensitive

jaystreet46 4

Same goes for promiscuous women being called ***** but men being pat on the back. Women don't have to work to have sex, as men tend to be less scrupulous. But any time this happens, you hear women scream double standard.

That's an interesting approach...

blcksocks 19

I can see who wears the pants in this relationship.

^ I prefer shorts

I prefer absolutely nothing.

BandWagonGuy 8

Squeaky chipmunk is a kinky chipmunk, ngeheheheheheeeh.

afunnyterdcody 5

Remember there's a fine line between discipline and abuse

Run!! Run and don't come back!

Trisha_aus 15

Run Forrest! Runnnnnnnn!!!

4- your pic kinda scares me :/

^ but it matches his comment.

chowE_fml 4

OP should join the witness protection program.

158 - Read that in Wednesday Addams's voice. Now frightened.

Exactly what I was thinking. He should change his identity entirely.

stevenJB 25

Your her bitch now. Oh wait, you were her bitch before this. Lol

That's true expect now he's officially her bitch

$50 she doesn't even put out... Ever!


Rihanna is true to her word. "Ima make you my bitch"

Inheritance 10

And now you're whipped..

If she's abusive and controlling I bet she cheats on him as well.

TheDrifter 23

Not always, some men pay to be abused and dominated, op just picked the wrong woman for him.

5- you can't just go around changing people's names.

You absolute effing nonce. Get a grip.

tjv3 10

I think I want to agree with you , but what's a nonce?

It's slang for "sex offender". Not sure how that applies to the OP.

There would be a lot of appropriate terms for the OP, but I don't think "Nonce" is one of them.

It literally means a paedophile, but it's also just a way to call someone a complete idiot, a tosser, etc. It's just an insult. :)

#6 - you sound like OP's Gf.

17- Nonce: The present occasion. I think he's trying to say that OP is the life of the party or something.

I thought she was trying to spell nonsense.....

Silly British people and their made-up words

File a restraining order after leaving her.

Mommyof2_91 10

Those don't work.

"We're engaged now."

SystemofaBlink41 27

Under what circumstances does one try to break up and end up engaged?

The f*cked up kind, of course. Anti-flood protection sucks

That dang Italian wine!

This is off topic, but i f*cking love your profile pic, lizzlegirl

If you have to be engaged, at least try to tell her how controlling she is. If it doesn't change anything, dump her.

I think if he tried to dump her again, i am afraid he's gonna end up marrying lol

Guess what engaged means smart ass?

bubbly31 0

172 or she Will get pregnant then he Will really be stuck with her

176- I think 172 meant the actual wedding would happen, a date would be set... Cause ya know, engaged just means engaged, some people can be engaged for years. So, with that said, your little 13 year old ass needs to pull that stick out of your ass. There was no reason to refer to him as a smart ass. As I see it, he wasn't being rude or a "smart ass" to you in anyway. So. As I said, pull that stick out of your ass. Thanks!

Ummm *sniff* okay

tjv3 10

Well that's the way to show her who is the boss