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Today, my husband was fired for chatting online for the third time in a month during office hours. Who was he chatting with? Me, telling him to get off the chat programme so he wouldn't lose his job. FML
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I can't believe people could be such dumbasses. People, do you think while he was working innocently that she was ABLE to tell him that on IM? No, he must've been on IM, she logged on and saw him, and said something like," Get off IM now! You're going to get fired!" And the husband idiotically responded back," Ok fine! btw do we have any toast left?" or something along the lines of that that kept the conversation going resulting to him being fired.

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how is this so confusing? she was in the Chat to Tell him to get off so He wouldnt get fired.. BTW fyl and He better learn or dump his ass


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#1 - What are you talking about? She was telling HIM to get off, not vise versa.

i thought that said HIV for a moment there... anyways, if you were on cam and had your **** out at the time, this really doesn't qualify for a "i told him to get off" award moment, does it?

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If she had her **** out on cam, she wouldn't need to tell a guy to 'get off'...

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If you just signed off he would have too. SO its your fault

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He kept chatting on the computer at work, so he got fired and his wife was telling him to get off chat so he wouldnt get fired. i think thats basically it. lol. :)

I don't really believe it, is this the workforce or is this middleschool? and why not just text instead? however if it is true that sucks but your husband apparently wasn't that good at his job if they let him go on such bogas terms

Not really, alot of the time it's the principle. Such as, if he wouldn't be able to follow simple orders like not chatting during work hours, who knows what else he wouldn't listen to, as reasonable as it is. A boss wants an employee who listens.

I don't think this is at all unrealistic. Every job I've ever had where I had access to a computer there have been policies about what you can and cannot do online. Commonly chat programs are blocked to begin with. If he worked at any kind of place that involves personal accounts he would definitely be fired. Being on chat programs means you could be passing along personal financial information about clients, this is how people do things like steal your bank account information or identity. I worked for DirecTV during college and we were not allowed to do ANYTHING. We could not even bring in books or homework because we could write down account information and steal from clients. We weren't allowed to wear hats in the building because we could "hide" papers under them and sneak out of the building with personal information from clients.

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how is this so confusing? she was in the Chat to Tell him to get off so He wouldnt get fired.. BTW fyl and He better learn or dump his ass

"Dump his ass"? Dear, while I agree with you that not taking a job seriously is a little red flag and probably a guaranteed sneak peek of what to look forward to in their future, you can't just "dump someone's ass" in a marriage. For better or for worse is the commitment married couples make, and, however possible or likely it is for him to make more mistakes, a single fired job is not a reason to say, "Oops, I guess I don't love you anymore! Lata gata!" and walk out. That's just my personal opinion; some people need more or less degrees of severity to cut off their marriages. Either way, marriage isn't a high school game of dumping somebody whenever you damn well feel like it.

While I agree with you for the most part, the person you're replying to did say "if he doesn't learn" to leave. Most people would consider the husband refusing to make changes in his habits which cause him to repeatedly lose his job and have trouble finding a new job to be in, or at least very close to, divorce territory.

Oh yeah, I get what you're saying, hence " a little red flag and probably a guaranteed sneak peek of what to look forward to in their future" and "a single fired job" in my reply. If it continues to happen, it's obviously not somebody who can commit to a lot of responsibility. It just grates on my nerves when people say "Dump his/her ass" as if, yanno, it's that easy, logically, financially and mentally...

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maybe if you weren't talking to him, he wouldn't have been on there in the first place?

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yeah, sure i realise that, but talking to him at the same time isn't helpful either. if someone isn't meant to be online, talking to them will just make them stay online...thus increasing their chances of getting caught.

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So if he tries to start a conversation with her, and the only thing she says to him is to get offline so he doesn't get fired, it would be her fault even though she tried to end the conversation immediately?

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You did say that talking to them will make him stay online, thus making it sound like the OP may be to blame. I was just pointing out that there is a possibility that she may have tried to end the conversation immediately, which would mean it isn't.

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ah, i didn't mean it as in it was her fault for him getting fired. my bad.

if he has been in trouble before why did he log in? stupid

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yeahh, this is a fair point too.

wow i'm surprised your office doesn't block IM.

That's what I was thinking. But I guess they were hoping for workers that don't piss away their day and are able to follow simple orders.

i dont see how this is a fml. u were telling him to get off, he wuoldnt get off. not your fault

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It is an FML because her husband was fired for doing something stupid on the job, which means less income for their household. That doesn't exactly make it easier for them to pay bills, buy groceries, and support their children (if they do have kids), which means the OP suffers too.