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Today, I discovered the real reason my husband was distraught last week and has been acting moodily ever since. An attractive girl he was secretly having sex chats with online confessed to him that "she" was actually a guy. FML
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incoming "Today I discovered the hot girl I was having kinky chats with is actually a guy. My wife still doesn't know why I look discouraged. FML"


Welcome to the Internet where guys are guys, women are guys and little girls are FBI agents!

JocelynKaulitz 28

incoming "Today I discovered the hot girl I was having kinky chats with is actually a guy. My wife still doesn't know why I look discouraged. FML"

Ehh... I don't know how their marriage is, but she should put her foot down and talk about it. If he is looking for females to talk to maybe OP should be more "freaky" you could say. Or try to look more attractive. That's my advice. But, you can do whatever the **** you wanna do :D Yeah yeah thumb me down blah blah.

I accidentally upvoted you #20 and now I want to punch myself.

deathstroke990 22

#20 is never going to have a girlfriend, he's one of those forever alone asshats that think women are only there to look attractive for him. I pity you

hatemyluck 15

Where do these shallow people come from?

#20, that way of thinking will get you nowhere in a relationship. That is so shallow.

#20 I'm seriously so confused by your comment. Others who have replied are calling you shallow but I can't even figure out what you're trying to say here.

Hahaha. You guys are so funny. 1. You don't know me 2. What I commented was my advice to OP 3. I do have a woman and we've been together for a year. 4. My relationships always last 2-3+ years because of the communication.

@41 - everything you just said about me is wrong. But this is a website where I can put whatever I want. Just like you can. And no I'm not alone. I have a woman :)

deathstroke990 22

70 that woman looks so upset in the picture, completely awkward and creeped out. it looks like you just asked a random person to kiss your cheek.

...or your cousin who feels bad for you because your attitude towards women sucks. stop being awkward with your cousin.

deathstroke990 22

Do you plan on cheating on your girlfriend if she isn't "freaky" enough? You know, instead of talking. You might want to let her know ahead of time so she can (hopefully) get out now!

you would rather let people know that youre not a loner than that youre trying to let people know youre not shallow... how shallow can that be

Maybe you should talk to your husband about his online chats?

i doubt tht the conversation wouldnt go well

#36 - so you're saying the conversation WOULD go well?? Maybe you should learn proper grammar....

that took a lot of balls to come clean... LoL... seriously fyl, but ur husband deserved it!!

Ahahahahah! Don't be mad at him, you can lord this over him for years to come. Not that it's a big deal, but if he's having that kind of reaction what not use it? Ahhh.. karma.

challan 19

don't be mad that her husband was cyber ******* someone else? you are crazy.

Not all of us get mad over that kind of thing. I'm secure in my relationships and actually encourage one night stands. it's human nature to stray in one way or another. plus, they learn new things to bring home ;3

Im with you #99. I'm a happily married man and if the wifey asked me if she could have a one night stand, I'd let her have it. As long as she used protection and didn't bring anything unwanted home

Relationships are meant for two people who want eachother; not eachother and Joe, Hannah, that hot chick I saw at the gas station, Paul, and ahh... I forget their name... starts with a K.... you met them at Aunt Laura's picnic... Understand?

Who are you to dictate what a relationship is "meant" to be 113? And I think you're confusing love and sex. There's the person I love and am with no matter what because I want to be with them. Then there's that hottie on the bus I want to bang and then never see again. While the love/sex package deal is more common, they can also be purchased separately.

if you're dedicated to someone, one person, THEN YOU DON'T BUMP UGLIES WITH ANYBODY ELSE. Simple concept, dude.

Just because someone is dedicated to living a healthy lifestyle doesn't mean they can't decide to have take out every once in a while. And it's not natural to just be dedicated to ONE person, the eyes roam my friend. like, "it doesn't bother me that my man looks at other girls and are attracted to them and maybe fantasies about them as long as he doesn't do anything about it" I think all these down votes are because you're all just jealous you can't "bump uglies" with every hot piece of ass that comes your way~

I'm sorry. I clicked you deserved it, but I meant your husband did.

As the great Stephen Tyler one claimed: "Ah. Ah. Dude looks like a lady."

skittyskatbrat 19

Dude Looks Like a Lady. Yeah, she needs to play that song. Constantly.

crazytwinsmom 25

And make him dress like Mrs Doubtfire.

It's not like that makes up for what he did...

I think the real lesson, my friends, is honesty is key. And that stranger danger has no age restriction. *golf clap*

I never said it did, although that's what everyone probably thought

He should be more distraught about cheating on his wife than worrying about the fact that his online lover is a dude.