By unluckylassy - 28/11/2013 00:01 - Ireland

Today, after moving miles to be with my boyfriend, I logged onto his computer just in time to see his other girlfriend had sent naked pictures. FML
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Correction: 'moving miles to break up with your boyfriend.' Oh, how thoughtful!!


Yes, it is a word used for measurement of long lengths. Just like yards or kilometres.

#3 if they don't know what miles are I highly doubt they know what yards are.

If they haven't heard that a mile is a form of measurement then I'm pretty sure they're not people.

Poor Niles, he got moved so OP could be with her boyfriend. The ultimate friendzone.

vencku 13

I think what #1 asks - and what I also wonder about - is how many miles. Two? Three? Five thousand? Because OP is being so vague, it makes me think she didn't move very far. It's still a pain she moved for nothing, but the distance does make a difference in whether family and friends are closeby.

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77, miles aren't then either. Instead we'd use light years, astronomical units, or parsecs, which still can be rather short considering the vast distances in the universe. "Long lengths" is highly subjective.

myeviltwin 20

Depends on what you are measuring. A yard of carpeting not very big. A yard of p**** freaking scary big :P

Rainhawk94 27

Listen to buzz lightyear he knows what he's taking about

MrBoredomioo 18

Correction: 'moving miles to break up with your boyfriend.' Oh, how thoughtful!!

you mean ex boyfriend and you told her whats up right?!

perdix 29

#4, today, I was going to give thanks that I did not see the dreaded "I hope you mean ex-boyfriend" cliche for once. Well, you ruined it! I guess now I'll just watch football all day with a pitcher of gravy and vodka.

ItsAnanya 25

Ouch. Well OP I really hope you talked about this with your boyfriend and made him your ex. You'll find someone better than him who deserves you.

Personally I'd be going along the yelling route versus the talking...

ItsAnanya 25

I might be weird for this but honestly every time I do something wrong and people yell at me, I always feel the need to shut em by doing something worse - like stapling their tongue to their lips. But it's when people give the silent treatment and look at you with disappointment shining through their eyes and you realise that you are not even worth them yelling at you ... That's when the guilt hits hard and I actually feel sorry.

This is either perfect revenge or utter creepiness. Either way, I like how you think.

That's where you send back yours, then he gets neither of you.

In case anyone gives me shit for copying #6. Their comment was different when I posted and they changed it after reading mine.

Because it's a competition or something.... No one gives a damn. Grow up.

Sorry #7, the check for $64,000 was yours, but after reading #6 I'm just going to have to go chronological on you.

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Wow people take their likes seriously

emirie 21

#11, do you ever have anything nice or intelligent to say?

MrBoredomioo 18

Did he ever make jokes about this "other girlfriend" like that other crazy boyfriend elsewhere in the FML-verse?

Amateur doesn't even password protect his computer. Tsk tsk.

To cheat would assume I have a boyfriend, and we all know I'm too ugly to have one .

Like a password would stop you. Especially on Windows.

This attempt to fish for compliments gave me cancer...

I think my intentions have been misunderstood, I'm not fishing for compliments and I can see how my wording conveyed that. My bad.

I tried fishing for compliments once. Caught a nice salmon instead.

perdix 29

#36, if you don't have a boyfriend, don't blame your looks. You appear to be quite doable.;) Beware of the Internet -- I hear there are lots of creepers out there.

Rainhawk94 27

No. You know what #14 you're right, you are ugly, with that self esteem

Parkour_rocks 20

#47 I just wanted to say that made me laugh. Also, why is everyone being so harsh? I'm pretty sure she meant it as a joke.