By Brandon Butler - 04/03/2011 09:22

Today, I was riding my motorcycle on the highway and wearing all of my gear - boots, gloves, jacket, and full-face helmet. Somehow a bee found the only spot not covered on my body and stung my neck. I'm allergic to bees. FML
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Boots, Gloves, Jacket, and Helmet. Well, I guess you should have worn pants.


Boots, Gloves, Jacket, and Helmet. Well, I guess you should have worn pants.

Because wearing pants would have totally kept that bee from stinging his neck.

in the words of the joker, "why so serious?" |the kid|

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Damn you could of died I hope all is well

All that proves is that the bee is smarter than you. Although I could have guessed that, based on the fact that you're riding a murdercycle. Let the donorcyclists come and flame the shit out of me. Bring it on.

#4 Nice pun! And I agree with you, anyone who rides a motorcycle is simple.

Luckilly some of us don't need a motorcycle to have the feeling of something big and powerful between our legs! Some of us get piggy backs from the incredible hulk! (who thought I was making a dick joke? Shame on you!)

or maybe they like motorcycles like my brother in law and know this he's one of the smartest people I know.

you must only know some pretty dumb people...

#19 Haha! #4 and #16, why do you think only 'simple' people ride motorcycles?! All of the people I know that ride them are smart..

What is wrong with motorcycles Doc ? I just can't see any link between owning a motorcycle and being dumb.

Yvwi, that was beautiful. Really. You clearly have plenty of time while out on the open road on your hog to create such poetry. *checks yvwi's profile* Shocking that I knew you were a motorcyclist before even looking at your profile. You and your brethren (including my brother) defend your motorcycles to the bitter end, usually claiming that you ride safely, but everyone else in their cars are the dangerous ones. Right? Enjoy it while you can. You're over 40, right? Statistics show that you're 20 times more likely to be killed than a car driver of the same age. I'll see you (or someone just like you) in my trauma bay soon. Count on it.

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Doc, you truly are a douche. you can keep flappin your gums and racking your over educated mind with all of the cons of motorcycles and riders, but there is nothing you or ANYONE for that matter that will change or influence my opinion on riding bikes. When you or anyone else like you talks all that trash, its simply a wast of time, energy, and a wast of air that you breath.

You two have made your views abundantly clear while throwing out unnecessary insults. I don't need to say anything original, and there is no morally superior seat, and I certainly feel no need to impress you. I couldn't give two ***** about your opinion of me. I merely gave you statistics, and my overly-educated brain understands them well, along with the concept of "high risk, high reward". As I said, you will reap what you sow.

To anyone else who wishes to bash my views on motorcycles, please do it over PMs. The comment section is littered now, and I have nothing further to say on the matter that I haven't said already.

I was hoping to save the rest of the FML community from this, which is why I suggested any further comments be moved to PMs. My first comment was a joke, but if you're too dense to get that, then you truly are as stupid as I was hoping you weren't. I never claim superiority to anyone. You deserve your monkey videos. And believe me, I will rest very easily knowing my car has more air bags than you have brain cells.

The comments section is for commenting on the FML, not flaming or otherwise denigrating other commenters. For one-on-one sniveling, private messaging exists. Shoo, shoo.

People aren't stupid; they're capable of behaving themselves... usually. It would be such a shame for the self-entitled to ruin the fun for everyone else. But sometimes we all of us just need a little nudge back into reality.

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I ride a motorcycle and i suspect that I have a much higher IQ and education level that you. Bigger balls too.

I have never been stung before and my mom was slightly allergic so I have always wondered if I am allergic or not...

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Damn. All this time I thought I was on FML when in reality I was reading Bwill's autobiography. Damn you droid.

#5, you are welcome to go and try to get stung by a bee. You know, just to check if you're allergic or not.

Bees can seriously be a huge pain in the arse. Silly thing didn't know it was a double edged sword though, so at least you have the satisfaction of knowing that although the bee may have won the battle, it didn't win the war. R.I.P Honey Bee.

Yep, that sucks OP. How fast were you going? Either you were stopped, or going slow...or that f-in bee had it out for you.

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that's what I was thinking... he was on a high shouldn't the bee like get squashed on his helmet or like bounce of?

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some bee colonies attack a source of high noise and vibration. op may have been stopped at a light and got swarmed but didn't see it out his helmet.

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he was at a highway if there was a light he could have pulled over.

Exact same thing happened to me, on the neck even, while going around 50–55 mph. It surprised me that she managed to get her stinger in me; I don't blame you at all for your initial disbelief.

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Bitch-ass bee bugging and shit.