By CollegeBoy - Canada
Today, my high school guidance counselor tried to convince me NOT to go to college, mainly because it's been so long since someone from my high school went to college, that she got rid of all the college information she used to have. FML
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  Krajjan  |  9

I didn't go to college. My job might pay well ($30+/hr), but it's so physically intensive I usually spend most of it on doctor bills. Go to college, man.

  kyanisaurus  |  0

I went to a small-town high school too in the outskirts of Victoria, BC, where I assume many kids went off to become mechanics or something.

Even if the counselors don't have much info, go online to the "future/perspective students" part of the college/university websites. The online application process in Canada is really easy so no worries.

While at McGill I encountered some really helpful counselors as well as some really terrible ones that were clueless or just didn't care. In anycase, you'll need to learn to be more independent to survive because you really can't count on the system most of the time.

Best of luck!

  MuchDance90s  |  0

I grew up around Stelly's area. small world. went to Bayside (we were the class that chose/voted on the name) and Keating El. and that's about all I shall type because the mods will crucify me.

  kyanisaurus  |  0

lol please be nice mods. I was in brentwood only for highschool but it was a beautiful place :) used to live right by butchart gardens. although bus 75 was WAYY too infrequent to go downtown :(

  enonymous  |  8

It's Canadian college... at best he can decide which language from his country to use, how real bacon from America beats their Canadian bacon, and how to parallel park his moose.

  cardinallove  |  11

Aww OP don't listen to her! There's plenty of other resources out there, especially online. My guidance counselor was useless and I had to seek information from other resources as well. Please don't give up :)

  mangoboy1  |  19

In the words of Arnold Schwarzenegger (I might make some errors )"trust yourself be who you want to be not what but who I'm talking about not what your parents or your teachers want you to be but who you want to be do what makes you happy.dont listen to the naysayers who say you cant do that it has never been done before I love it when people say you can't do this you can't do that it has never been done before because that means when I do it ill be the first one who has done it" so if it makes you happy go to college

  xyz700  |  5

So what if he can't spell it? Why the hell does it matter? It doesn't mean he's stupid. I bet he's a lot better at other things than you all are. Everyone is equally talented, just at different things. He's obviously pretty damn smart if he's the first person to go to college from his high school in so long! Seriously, people, think before you speak. Remember that everything you do and say has a consequence.

  flipcrazy  |  0

Is he pretty damn smart or is everyone else just pretty damn stupid? Or are the school's curriculums flawed? Or do they have a poor teaching staff? Etc, etc.


Well I knew if it didn't have commas it would be a run on, but I haven't been in school in a few years so I couldn't remember if there were any exceptions to it. I was an English whizz in HS but since I graduated I've lost all my knowledge. haha
Thank you for that.
Don't be rude, Muffin.

By  cavalos94  |  0

I think this is fake. I find it hard to believe it's been so long that NO ONE from your school has gone to college. And the counselors aren't supposed to throw that stuff out

  1waytoolive  |  1

no it's not there are several schools in the Midwest that just teach farmers children which in turn just become farmers again I'm from one of those schools.

  TheDrifter  |  23

Op is from Alberta. It's either a rural school or it's on one of the reservations. Some of the res schools are so bad they have less than a 10% graduation rate. The counsellor is likely more used to teen pregnancy and substance abuse issues than college applications.

  ubetrwatchBN  |  5

At my school, they had a separate counselor just for college advising. It's crazy and sad that they don't encourage their students to have aspirations after HS. Not everyone has to go to college, but everyone should have the resources available to try if they're so inclined. Fyl, OP. Fyl.

  SpilltMilk2  |  0

is too, if "yours" and "retardeds" are plural, than the helping verb has to be plural too. So instead of is, replace it with an "are."