By Anonymous - 08/04/2011 23:42 - United States

Today, I was having some intense sex with my boyfriend. I was wailing so loud that my neighbors decided to call the police on us. According to them, it sounded like I was "being tortured to death". FML
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kingtz 6

You need to give your bf a medal!

perdix 29

CTFD! Making some noise can be genuine, but when you get to that decibel level, it just sounds fake. The neighbors called the cops to stop a defrauding in progress.


kingtz 6

You need to give your bf a medal!

the same effect i have on them bitches

Ball gags were invented for a reason. :O If you were that loud I'm suprised the BF's ears aren't bleeding... or are they? O_o buy a ball gag or get sound proof walls and fuck away!

your boyfriend is one lucky guy to have a screamer like you. I'm jealous

bluefire8q3 0

^ i thought that Justin Bieber likes dudes?

gutzz 0

except op is fat, they didn't call the cops cuz she was wailing, they called the cops cuz her bf was whaling.

your neighbors are dumb-asses

pimplayer 0


That was pathetic. I hope you feel stupid.

sounds like me and my boyfriend and yes they deserve medals

smurfman44265034 0

i just jizzed jn my pants!

C6Racer 0

Was it because you ate a crepe?



anakaren_831 1

was it because you watched a horror film?

anakaren_831 1

you watched Bruce Willis?

C6Racer 0

Nobody's gotten the reference yet?

anakaren_831 1

jizzed in my pants song?

evperry 2

don't get it

C6Racer 0

Yea, I totally failed that one. Sorry.

anakaren_831 1

it's a song. About jizzing in one's pants for the stupidest reasons.

C6Racer 0

ana and troll win 2 internets for knowing the reference.

anakaren_831 1

Hah, the video is gold:)

TaylorTotsYumm 10

Isn't it supposed to be grape, not crepe?

anakaren_831 1


SuckerPunchurMom 0


I jizz right in my pants everytime your next to me, and when we're holding hands it's like havin sex with me, you say I'm premature I just call it ecstasy, I wear a rubber at all times it's a necessity

Heather_x0x0 6

the next day my alarm goes off....

Well we all know OP just had sex, and it felt so good. She let him put his penis inside her.

She let him wear his chain and his turtle-neck sweater

Zuckmycuck 0

so this ones dedicated to them girls that let us flop around on top of them

that's great haha

u wish that the boyfriend was u

Hey atleast it was good?

bgawne 0

I'm sorry I just gotta say your really hot

bgawne 0

how did I get moderated I didn't say anything I complemented your appearance

bgawne 0

that's bull I wasn't flirting or shit I just complemented someone

@bgawne: Stop. Just stop, before I turn you into an inverted colon.

bgawne 0

yea your right siren idk what I was thinking

testthecoal 5

heh, 'siren'

39 you spelt sirin wrong.

So did you. There's a capital S in Sirin. Nice try =)

C6Racer 0

Capitalization has everything to do with spelling when it's someone's name, albeit just a screen name. Nice try.

chammi 0

asskisser. :)

anakaren_831 1

I think that the past tense of spell is not "spelt", it's actually spelled, if you're going to correct someone please do so in a correct manner:)

They say spelt in England. I'm pretty sure "spelled" is just another American thing.

anakaren_831 1

Oh I'm sorry for living in America where words are spelled as 'spelled' .

r u guys really arguing over this?!?!?

nah spelled is spelled "spelled" words is spelled "words"

anakaren_831 1

sorry, that was an awful mistake, I am ashamed for that.

Stop spelling spelled when we all know the true pure spelling is spelt. Nice try. xD

samisabeezy 0

spelt isn't a word. It's "spelled" ;)

The dictionary has been lying to me? Noooouuu!

madalynn 11

oh my god you all need to shut up

Spelt.S.P.E.L.T. SPELT!

Spelled and spelt are both acceptable. Now away with you.

Mimiroxxi 0

why is everyone arguing over this? one of the most stupidest arguments I ever read in my life.

I'm American and I like the world 'spelt' better. I also like to write 'theatre'. :D

"Oh god, what have I started?" comes to mind.

amyyw 0

holy fuck this isn't an English class! everyone need to grow up and shut.the.fuck.up

hossjosh 1

there- place their- a group of people they're- they are Yeah that shit just happened.

stupidest, not most stupidest :p

dudeitsdanny 9

I before E, except after C =) Also, I spell like they do in England and all them countries, and I live in Amurrica. But I get the jollies from idiots telling me "spelt isn't a word hurrdurr" =3

102 - there is an American writing system and there is a British writing system. there is also learnt and learned, etc...

152- Thank you it is the most irritating thing when people spell it in the wrong form:)

see what you did Sirin! lol! happy now fuckers there is a capital.

Who effing cares what words are capitalized or not?!

Spelt is correct and so is spelled whats the big deal with the proper way of spelling and grammar. Everyone does things differently.

"their" isn't a group of people, it's BELONGING to a group of people... I just went there... and I CAME BACK! >:C

*47,000,000 thumbs up* |the kid|

YANKS2728 0

just be a little more quiet nxt time I would be pissed and scared to if I lived nxt to u.


yeah right youd be sneakin all up in there

abbyfish98 0

that sux, but at least u had a good time?

bgawne 0

what happened when the police arrived?

An awkward silence then a "There's room for a couple more!"

Dr_JuanDiaz 0

hahaha ^^

wailing? what?

ashrandom 0

It's called 'Google' or a dictionary.

I didn't mean i didn't know what it meant, rather who the hell says they were wailing during sex?

lmao win #19 :)

MyNameIsBruce 0

Some people are into that stuff ya know?

Meg1Surf2Blonde3 0