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Today, I found out the high school I have been doing at home for the past 3 years isn't accredited and doesn't count for anything. I'm 18 and starting high school as a freshman next year. FML
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Some high schools don't allow students over 21. Good luck with that, and I mean it sincerely, cause that sucks.

You should ahve investigated it earlier tbh... I mean, how can you not know it? Were there more people in that school anyway?


You should ahve investigated it earlier tbh... I mean, how can you not know it? Were there more people in that school anyway?

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this is exactly why you go to a public school. if your parents are worried about you being corrupted or exposed to the evils of public schools then they should of found your ass a nice private christian school to go to. the only excuse for being home schooled is if your parents are required by their job to relocate all the time.

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ok 4 1 u need to clerify...ur 18 n u've been in high school online 4 3 yrs but u have to start as a freshman next yr... did u fail a grade?! cause if NOT then u'd be a sophomore... u wouldnt be a freshman if ur 18 now!! techinically u'd probably have to go to another online school...high schools dont take those over 18 unless they have been held bak in that school? this is fake...

Take the GED. My brother dropped out of high school early, took the GED, and started taking university classes. Now he's at Berkeley. High marks are important, but having a GED doesn't necessarily close doors on you. It's CERTAINLY not worth losing 3 years to get a fairly worthless high school diploma.

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OP could have recently turned eighteen, or started late due to things. Either way, it's fairly clear they were going into their senior year. Or, in the case that they were taking online courses so they could pace at a faster level, even further ahead. Age does not determine grade. Starting high school with no credits makes you a FRESHMAN, not a sophomore, no matter how old you are, unless you have taken credits at a previous school or program that you school will accept.

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To #46, you're an idiot. The OP finished in three years, not uncommon at all for someone who is home schooled. I would be pretty pissed at my parents for not researching it if I were you, and if it was your choice to be home schooled then that sucks even more.

#46, if you're gonna type like a retard, then don't expect people to take your comment seriously. OP, that kinda sucks... not something I'd like to do.

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Nice try, but if you really were homeschooled you would know that every state and US territory requires you to submit an education plan to your state and local public school, and that said plan must meet national education standards. Also, your parents would have been arrested after the first year if your classes didn't count for anything

#46, you comprehend English as poorly as you write it. I wouldn't normally be so mean about someone looking so stupid, but you're being smug on top of it, and that's just unacceptable.

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Well an education for you is worthless anyways i mean what do you need to learn about cooking/cleaning/sucking dick that you cant learn on the internet? I say drop out find a man and do the job that society has assigned you

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Are you serious? Different states have different regulations. Testing every three years is all you need in some states. To OP, you can apply for college without accredited classes. What do you think normal homeschoolers do? Stanford and Harvard are very hs friendly.

46: He was talking about being home schooling, not online school. Now stop being a retard and saying FML's are fake.

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I'm Jewish, and my family thinks public school sucks and can't afford private. Should I go to a nice catholic school, hon?

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Get your GED, then you won't need to do HS over again. Then you can go to most universities, or if the university you want to go to won't take you because of a GED, find a community college that the university accepts transfer credits from, and go there for the first 2 years (which is all general education anyways) and then transfer to your university. If you have a full 2 years of college transfer courses, they won't care that you have a GED, especially if you got really good grades in community college. Not only that, you'll save a ton of money in tuition too.

I'd love to start over as a high school freshman at that age! Being young again sure rocks!

while the first part is correct, his online program could have lost accredidation recently, although that would not cause him to lose 3 years of work. and while the second part is technically correct, you have way too much faith in the system if you think cops are actually out arresting everyone that ditches school. they have more important things to worry about.

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Or what if you're not getting a decent education? I've been homeschooled since second grade, because the education in my town is terrible. Homeschool teachers are more than just overprotective, sheltering parents.

MYTH: Home schooling kids are socially awkward. -Not true. While I was home schooled, I went to a church that had home schooling groups and classes where kids can socialize. When I started high school, I was the most sociable person in my grade level. MYTH: Home schooling is a lot easier than public school. -Very untrue. My mom was the one that home schooled me and we had tests and grades just like everyone else. What helped was that my brother and I got more attention than kids at regular school so our needs were met. IN FACT, I started public high school a year early and I took honors and AP classes. My brother is now in an actual college (like I am now) and he's 13. He got the highest grade in his Pre-Cal class and he tutors other students. My mom gets paid now to give women advice on how to accelerate their children.

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I agree this is most Lilly bs

ydi for being a weirdly religeous home school jungle freak

#202 you really shouldn't make comments like that when you clearly have no idea what you're talking about. I was homeschooled most of my life until high school, and I'm not weirdly religious or a "jungle freak". I'm pretty normal, and actually above most of my classmates grade-wise. and what are you? a fourteen year old who can't even spell "religious". just shows how well-educated you are.

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Please do us a favor 46 and kill yourself immediately.

At 15 years old (ie 3 years before the post) it was her parent's or guardian's responsibility. How can she possibly deserve this???

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Some high schools don't allow students over 21. Good luck with that, and I mean it sincerely, cause that sucks.

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I've never heard of any 21 year olds in high school, lol.

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In Canada it's not too rare. In America I think it's less common.

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It's actually over 24 for people with problems.

your fault for not checking to verify your program.

The school may have lost accreditation recently.

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Or else her parents chose it. She was obviously under 18 when she started it, since she's 18 now. OP: Ouch that sucks. See if you can test into higher classes for credit. I know people who did this, but not all schools do. If you explain your situation, though, I bet they'd let you.

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well it's your own fault for not checking up on the credentials of that high school, but why don't you just get your GED instead of graduating high school at 22? if you've been studying for 3 years then you should know the material already and pass the GED without a problem...

If you're planning to go to university, you'll need to enroll in an adult high school (Florida has them for people over 21) for you senior year. Contrary to popular belief, a G.E.D is meaningless to a post-secondary institution.

It's illegal to consider the G.E.D. as anything less than a high school diploma in the United States. The ONLY exception to this is the U.S. Military. If Florida universities are turning down G.E.D. recipients as students, they're putting themselves in a rather dangerous legal situation.

Not true. You can get into a state university easily. Or, you can take 2 years at a CC and then transfer to a 4 year school.

Well, I guess it's different down in the States. Alright, I'll admit I was wrong. (In Canada you need specific related courses to get into university, which a G.E.D. doesn't give.) Have fun with that!

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I don't know if you fail, or if your parents do for not knowing before hand. So either YDI or FYL.

that sucks!!!!! u have to go through all that crap again???