By astroloser - Philippines
Today, I went to my guidance counselor and told her how I'd been fascinated with space since I was 12, had read about the universe and everything, and how I want to be an astrologist when I grow up. She stared at me for a second, before saying, "But you're... stupid." FML
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  shea627  |  20

astrologists need to know about the universe too

  mock09  |  0

I think there's a point here.

The counselor shouldn't have told OP she was stupid. The counselor SHOULD have just left her to go be the next Miss Cleo. Nothing says YDI like getting just what you ask for because you don't really know it as well as you thought.
Besides, people get babied too much anyway. I'm glad there's someone out there who is willing to tell people that they can't realistically get everything they want.
She's a counselor, not a ego-stroker.