By sophie - 13/04/2011 16:36 - United States

Today, my teacher told me I wasn't pretty enough to play the princess part in the play. FML
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Everybody knows that it is impossible for a princess to be ugly. I mean, if you're rich and powerful you HAVE to be pretty.

nillakush1 3

i bet you're gorgeous :)


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that's clever. and poor OP. :(

rallets 22

truth hurts

Flyin_Turtle14 0

Truths a bi+€h sometimes

Finn_the_human 5

Don't you see princess? WE WERE ALL BORN TO DIE!

why are you scared to say bitch?

Flyin_Turtle14 0

I though they would block it but I guss not

haha wow sucks for you..

that's rough perhaps your just too smart to play the princess :)

scar97 0

1- fuck up and post a real comment. it's really annoying when the first poster has nothing good to say...

piss in that bitch's coffee

staceysgenesis16 0

ooo thats a good idea .. a hint of piss n sugar in her coffe

"...princesses ARE evil. The way they get that power is they kill people."

C6Racer 0

MissBunny, she should menstruate in her coffee instead.

Ewwww! How disgusting. The thought of sugar in her coffee?!?

NoHabloEspaniol 2

tell me bout it

SwaggerMelon 6


SwaggerMelon 6

Wait? Why would be playing a princess? How old are you?

Nuclear_Ninja 6

Could you play the beast?

enonymous 8

It's ok I'd hit it... want a mustache ride?

LunaNstars 0

uh perv?

enonymous 8

Yes I am. creeping every night and on all genders.

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haha bro you are awesome.

that's kinda disturbing..

just paperbag it and tag it

holymolybro 0

.....I bet you listen to cold play..

SpilltMilk2 0

Just hide it and ride it .

staceysgenesis16 0

haha !! hide it n ride it lmao

cover the face, f**k the base

maybe OP you should committ suicide and everything will be fine :]

Everybody knows that it is impossible for a princess to be ugly. I mean, if you're rich and powerful you HAVE to be pretty.

It's obvious she shouldn't be a princess if she doesn't have the look for it. Every bad movie and play out there would be either the acting sucked or the actors/actresses just didn't fit the part. Why this is even an FML is beyond me. OP sucked for the part; she needs to get over it and audition for a role she Can play.

completed agreed I just she broke it to her nicely

kingtz 6

Yes, audition to play the evil witch or ogress.

obviously you've never seen Shallow Hal

mandalore92 0

16 I got moderated for that kind of talk by the FML Nazis. watch yo self

#4 have you ever SEEN the queen, how do you explain THAT?!?

she's one bad hair cut shy of being Susan Boyle? god save the queen because surely noone else will......

what about kesha?

Dude you're not even jacked

hey everyone I like unicorns.

I am confused as to whether your avatar is a girl or boy with long hair. FYL with that picture. Oh. And try not to post such a moronic comment if you won't handle such a comment that I made in due-respect to yours.

mygreenhoodie 0

cardmaster, you're a douche

I think it's a pic of a guy with hair only on the sides with a baby's face photoshopped on. Odd...

i'm sorry for you.

play an ugly person :D

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lol! nice 162

geez ... ouch :(

I bet the child inside you was crushed.

if she is ugly, then no sex. no sex = no child inside her.

71 your logic is infallible.

OK 71, now try adding alcohol to your equation. Ugly people need lovin too ^_~

9 that was a stupid thing to say you ish.

nillakush1 3

i bet you're gorgeous :)

LunaNstars 0

you're sweet :)

ImaWiseGuy 5

perhaps she is, but not gorgeous enough to play the princess.....<-her teachers words not mine.......

holymolybro 0

On the inside.

she's probebly kind.

txgirl2013 14

get a mirror and say "you have no room to talk...". even if she is pretty she has a ugly attitude

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I'm sorry to be off topic but seriously that is the cutest dog I have ever seen in my life & just made my day . I really would love to be able to pick that dog up & give it a hug .

ImaWiseGuy 5

isn't that dog like a maltipoo or something?

txgirl2013 14

it's a shih tzu

MegamiKaosu 28

I love my Shi tzu<3

jvillan87 5

I like how Shi tsu is like shit zoo

jvillan87 5

I like how Shi tsu is like shit zoo

i agree with 11