By Girl With a Cold - 08/02/2012 18:46

Today, I was sick, so I emailed my co-workers with a list of my hours, asking if anyone would be willing to cover them for me. I only got one hour covered, and that was during a day I don't even work. FML
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Next time you're sick, go to work and spread that shit.

Wouldn't you only need to be covered for today, though? It's only a cold.


Why are u sorry? Ru one of OP's colleagues?

I have a question. How do you get an hour covered when your not even supposed to work that day?

34-Someone responded saying that they could work a different day by mistake.

OP don't take it too personally. Maybe they have more important things to do with their time off than cover your sick day. Stop feeling sorry for yourself. Get some antibiotics and get shit done!

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52 - uh, i would never want to be your co-worker. have you ever been sick? when you're sick, you don't feel well and are less productive. i doubt you'd be able to work properly for eight hours with a sore throat, stuffy nose and a pounding headache. and for the sake of your other co-workers, why would you come to work being sick? just so you can contaminate everything and get everyone else sick?

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65- they never said they went to work that day? Calm your *******.

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- 68 i'll calm my **** when you get your facts straight. i'm not referring to OP. i was talking to 52 (which i stated.)

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@70/ThinkPink--They never said they would not cover their co-workers or that working sick would be forced upon someone in real need. Op never said the age of her co-workers or what she did for a job. She might work at a place that hires a lot of students, or people with more than one job. Sometimes people cannot just work at the drop of a hat because you got sick. It sucks, and I hope they worked it out, but it is not the co-workers fault if Op waited until the last minute to ask them. I would not miss class because someone was sick, I have my own life and things I need to do. I also have a second job.

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76 - what are you saying? how is what you just said relevant to my comment whatsoever? please re-read my comment for a better understanding.

Aww, I'm sorry for myself and all the other other fast-food restaurant workers in the world. I know what its like, I have the same kind of trouble trying to get certain days off.

Comments are really being aimless lately... I cant figure out whos yelling at who or whos ******* are being uncalm here! Awell, if i were you id try to take a sick day.

Ya, more like a day overtime. Well that sucks OP. Maybe your boss will notice and give you a raise/bonus/day off?

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Wtf?! Why would someone get a raise for coming in sick? That's generally not a desired thing... They spread sickness, and usually don't work as efficiently. YDI OP. Pays to make friends instead of sitting alone at lunch hour playing video games.

Correct me if im wrong, but i try to do my best at work, work is not a place to make freinds (unless in a career) but to work hard, get the task done, and impress your boss who will in return tell your future employer how well you did (plus getting $$)

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58- I'd rather be alone playing Pokemon Fire Red at lunch hour...

Next time you're sick, go to work and spread that shit.

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Couldn't OP just inform her boss that she's really sick and can't come in? Then the boss can assign people the shifts that need to be covered.

OP could be a waiter or chef or something. If you go in to work sick, then you could get into major trouble. But, being sick isn't OP's fault and it shouldn't be his problem if nobody will work when he's sick.

Haha, I agree, spread the love! Next time someone asks you to cover them tell them to shove it...

I understand what you mean but that usually isn't possible at smaller fast food places when someone "calls out sick" since there is not enough people available to work that particular shift, who will even want to come in and work, it's easier to find a replacement for your shift at larger restaurants that have more employes.

O hey thanks #97 I didn't catch that, oops is what I meant. (I was even thinking that opps looks a little weird lol)

Hannahkeyboardwarriorwho, to the rescue!!

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Ah, so you have heard of me? Great.

...Because people should drop whatever plans they've made because at the last minute a co-worker has called to request some help covering shifts? Especially around valentines day? Use your head.

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#30, from experience of dealing with other coworkers' crap, it's also frustrating when they say they can't and you KNOW they had nothing important going on that day.

#30, covering some extra shifts to get some more money near valentines seems smart to me?

35, Your interpretation of what they're doing doesn't concern me. They may have just needed the time off to relax. What you think they should be doing with the time doesn't matter. 42, And what time would you be using to either organise your valentines day gifts/plans? Not to mention if they are working on valentines day they may have organised to go out that day.

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Sick doesn't automatically mean communicable.

Wouldn't you only need to be covered for today, though? It's only a cold.

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Where does it say in the FML that it was a cold?

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no way! i think two-three days is a good enough amount of time. OP could still be contagious.

Pink, I'm pretty sure with most illnesses once you experience symptoms you are a lot less contagious

The contagious factor wears off after 24 hours of antibiotics. So yeah, a day is good.

Antibiotics? For a cold? a) You'd have to be a pussy to want to take antibiotics for a cold. b) They don't work on colds because colds are caused by viruses.

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Yup I am sorry alway seems to happen to those who really need the help...

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I think the name was just an easy way to express that she was sick. Since the actual FML doesn't say what's wrong, it could be anything like the flu, strep throat, bronchitis, laryngitis, gastroenteritis, etc...and those all can certainly make you someone in need.

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But I am NOT saying that it couldn't just be a cold and OP could have went to work.

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How was it covered if you don't work that day?

Been there before. :-( Call your boss and tell him/her the situation. Good luck OP.

Judging by your user name, a cold really isn't that bad to call into work for, is it?

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It all depends on how bad the cold really is

Probably because "girl with laryngitis" doesnt roll off the toung as well

Depending on your job, a cold is bad enough to call in for. I don't know about you, but if I was eating out somewhere, I'd much prefer cooks and waitresses who are not sick... Same with people who work with kids, or the elderly or in hospitals. Also, some people have weak immune systems. I think OP knows best if her body is up for it or not.

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39- I agree with you completely! Anytime I come down sick, I'm down and out for at least a week. When I get sick, it's always bad.. Even if it is just a cold. And a cold is enough to call in sick. When one goes to work while sick, they are either being forced to work, or they're being selfish and not caring about their coworkers. If I were OPs coworker, I wouldn't want OP to come to the workplace and make everyone else sick! I'd, actually, be pretty pissed off if a coworker of mine came to work while sick. It's selfish and plain-out ignorant!

I know OP's type: that person that's "sick" every other day, and lazily emails people to pick up their shifts, then wonders why people get fed up with the crap and don't want to take them any more. Boo hoo.

I know FalconCrunch's type. The loser who sits on FML and makes up ridiculous assumptions about people's submissions, just so he has an excuse to go in and flame them for no reason. Boo hoo.

I know my type. My name is Damin (Hi Damin), I'm 21, my favourite colour is blue, and I like hiking and long walks on the beach. Woo hoo.

FalconCrunch - you must be a new superhero - Assumption Man! Comments without using brain! Able to leap to ridiculous conclusions in a single bound!

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Talk about a dick. Falconcrunch you really need to stop posting stupid shit like this

Predictably, the loyal legions of OP's underachieving ignorami show up to defend their slackerly lifestyle.

Yeah FalconCrunch, because everyone who commeted under you is a slacker. Nice generalization and assumption, moron. For god's sake, man. No one here commented about their lifestyles and assumed "slackary" and one is a confirmed trauma/general surgeon. You're still an Idiotic ****-shite...