By Easel - 09/01/2012 22:33 - Brazil

Today, the place where I’m living is so small that after changing my shower curtain, I felt like I’d changed my whole apartment’s decoration. FML
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At least it's easy to switch up your decor?

I feel your pain, my roommate's bed is between my bed and the kitchen counter, so having breakfast is always a drama

Sounds like the perfect size for trying out creative ideas! If you don't like it you can easily change it :)

You should look on design sites at all they can do with super small spaces. There are some really cool design ideas and space savers out there for super small spaces.

Get a one-slice toaster. With all the room that opens up, you'll feel you're living in a mansion!

Sorry to hear that OP, but I hope you're not still living there almost 5 years later!

I don't understand why this is a problem? Even if a room is big changing one thing can change the whole look of it, it has nothing to do with the size.