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Today, my gynecologist told me that the ecosystem in my vagina is unbalanced, and that I have to do some reconstruction. Uhm what? FML
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sugarandspice33 0

Means your fucked up

Damn global warming ruining your ecosystem.


sugarandspice33 0

Means your fucked up

Your vagina is so big, it has an ecosystem in it? O.o

You're just fucked up on the inside, where it counts. :)

Blackmail111 9

Bob the builder can we fix it? Nope you're fucked

JEnglish89 1

You could be in a porno... Any hidden cameras?

How about I reconstruct your vagina with my..

i could lease out some scaffolding to you?

Well um I hope they rebalance it and the reconstruction goes well?

JayJ17 7

Well...start reconstructing!

LexiMariee16 0

And not in the good way..

is it only me who thought of "teeth" after reading this? scary...

maybe that's his way of saying shave that shit it looks like an animal

h00l1gan 5

BAT CAVE! Dunununununu batman

Blue waffle much?

It means her fucked up? That makes no sense, #1.

mduffy08 8

44 - the guy without a shirt would say that...

Hey there's a taco bell in here!

Angelice_fml 0


Gotta read up on that yin and yang stuff, gotta balance it y'know

You'd better find someone to help you Feng Shui that shit. Stat.

Do NOT go to google and type in "blue waffles"!!!!!!!

seriously, DON'T DO IT!!! We're trying to save you. IT'S DISGUSTING!!!

it means she has a dirty vagina.

no, no you're not

lexex1 4

Just leave...and don't ever come back.

You sir, are a tool.

Can i be a hammer?

That was supposed to be to the guy who posted "first".

me_gusta_eso 1

You sir, are not funny.

DioMaledica 14

You sir are misleading .giving me false hopes of cake their was no cake no matter how far I scrolled.

The_Troller 14

Wow way to take my cake joke! Lol jk I changed my profile now anyway

wondering what have you been doing oO

jacquesromualdez 12

Hmm in out motion maybe?

dulayole 6

Clean that muff

leogirl95 12

Too much foliage?

Maybe she introduced an invasive species.

mduffy08 8

It's a whole new world in your pants.

22cute 17

God! It means she needs to eat more yogurt and veggies, less meat & processed foods. Come on people! I really hate it when Dr's talk about the female system like it's some abstract nonhuman phenomenon like this - or like plumbing. Gimme a break! Op go find a woman gyn so you actually get real information and respect. And tell your gyn he needs to come to terms with his own sexuality and stop screwing up patients heads.

Tdevonner 0

How do you know its not female gyn?

Its those damn Brazilians clear-cutting! They're messing up the ecosystem up in there!

me_gusta_eso 1

*black girl voice* Means yo shit fuuuuuuuucked up!

me_gusta_eso 1


wouter320 0

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me_gusta_eso 1

They're comments like these make FML an unhappy place.


Much like your comment.

5 Your perspective is a terrible one. Maaaybe you should get one that doesn't suck? Hmm?

I don't really think there's a way to do that..

Ok Dr. Loser.

Ok how am I Dr. Loser? All I said that I didnt think there was a way to do whatever. BIG WOOPDEDOO. can pretty much do anything with a scalpel. You've never heard of vaginal reconstruction surgery?

I think you guys should look up "ecosystem" before you assume one should be in a vagina.

Ecosystem: A biological community of interacting organisms and their physical environment. Yeah. One should be in a vagina. Maybe you should look up vaginal ecosystem.

Um I don't think a lot of people have.

zeddeiram 0


Lol am I the only person laugh at the fact this comment has 69 down votes?

jePomme 0

Vagina reconstruction? Sounds like... fun...

markrs 0

Now open wide and we'll begin the process ;)

zeddeiram 0

It's called plastic surgery. I would normally insult you, but if you make comments on THE INTERNET like "I don't think there's a way to do that..." then gtfo. Because on the internet, everything is possible.

HondaKidd 5

164 I would normally insult you. But instead i'mgoing to insult you. Your a jamoke

i think 164's comment was meant for the comment below. either way he should still chill out.

Sounds exacty like the intro of a porn scene

164 Plastic surgery is possible on the Internet? ... Shall we go download us some lyposuctions and boob jobs? Maybe a face lift so we can all have perm-a-grins? Hell, anything's possible on the Internet.

jePomme 0

Actually, 216, I believe it might have been for the comment above because the one below is about Herpes.

Remember when that used to just be called herpes...

markrs 0

Mr. Owl, how many dicks does it take to reconstruct my vagina? Let's find out. 1...2...3............The world may never know...

You just perverted my childhood memories

Damn global warming ruining your ecosystem.

jessesgirl14 16

I knew al gore was on to something when he made that damn movie!! He just didn't go deep enough to explain that it totally fucks up a girls' ecosystem! If he would have mentioned that- maybe people would've taken him more seriously... Lmao

BayleeWasHere 1


"I have an ecosystem in my vagina?" Lead with that question.

Yes, you do indeed have an ecosystem in your vagina. What on earth has happened to reproductive education?

ShroomsOnAcid 16

It's an ecosystem of bacteria. OP might have a yeast infection, in which yeast overgrows and overrides the good bacteria in the vagina. I agree that we need to improve sex education, because I don't remember this being mentioned in my school in America.

I never gave it much thought. Lady parts are mysterious.

You look like John C. Riley.?

ShroomsOnAcid 16

They're only mysterious because not many people take the proper time to learn about them.

-150. My hair isn't curly and I'm much better looking. Sideburns maybe. -152. Math and physics are my strong suits. Biology is not.

Luckily, you don't need to be strong in biology to understand the concept shrooms mentioned.

What happened to reproductive education? Two words: "Abstinence only." :-(

@96 Yeast IS the good bacteria. Besides the doctor would just say that. It sounds like the OP doesn't have ENOUGH yeast. This will cause the other bacteria to overwhelm the yeast creating.. Bacterial Vaginosis. Which is mainly characterized by a very strong FISH order. It is very hard to get rid of, and once you have it you're prone to repeat infections.

Because u never get it? 113

Or the pH in her vagina is too high or too low, disrupting the balance of OP's ecosystem.