Good boy

By bonertoolong - 23/11/2011 08:19 - United States

Today, I tried to teach my dog tricks. Somehow, I thought it would be easier if I physically showed my dog how to roll, so I rolled on the floor in front of my dog. My sister recorded me and posted it on Facebook. Now everyone thinks I'm an idiot and my dog still can't roll. FML
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Monkey see, monkey post on Facebook.

babegirlsweetiep 0

Try rolling again? Your dogs bound to get it sooner or later.


babegirlsweetiep 0

Try rolling again? Your dogs bound to get it sooner or later.

Nick nack patty wack give a dog a bone. This old man came rolling hooome.

Actually you have to roll the dog and say the command at the same time.

Roll over Rover! Come on, you can do it. Look watch, this is how! Dog: My owner is an idiot.

bamagrl410 31

Most people I know would either think it's hilarious or at least a tiny bit cute. I think you need new friends if they're that concerned over a video of you rolling...

Does nobody else roll on the floor??? Or am I the only other person! :)

Well at least you will be known throughout the interwebs as a roller... PS: It takes more than one time to teach your dog tricks, try getting it to do the trick then rewarding it with a treat when it does the trick!

chopper! Sick BALLS!

alyssamarie03 0

Well did u try to bribe it with dog treats to do stuff, that is what we do to our pit bull and now when we tell him to do stuff and he does it cuz he expects us to give him a treat....

MagicGiraffe 12

Do a barrel roll!

cookie_3008 4

The awkward moment when OP doesnt realize the dog was the one training him. O.o

You can't teach a new dog, old tricks.. wait.

Monkey see, monkey post on Facebook.

BayleeWasHere 1


sugarandspice33 0

Can't teach an old dog new tricks

It never said anything about an "old" dog

This owner can't teach any dog a new trick.

sugarandspice33 0

22- it's a saying, smart one

Well that saying didn't go with the situation, now did it smart one?

Actually it did... The dog still can't roll... Learn to read...

But it doesn't says its an old dog, so it doesn't apply...

Life_sucks_13 6

Actually to burst anyone's bubble you can teach ANY dog ANY age a trick as long ad you know how to do it right!

Maybe if you tackle your sister and make her take it down and continue routine with your dog it'll help.

He could train his dog to tackle his sister


Haters gonna hate, don't sweat the small stuff

steve247 2

Potaters gonna potate

Never heard that one before, I like it though

Niggas gonna nig

ashtonkay 7

Ha I like this, so chill and simple (: sweet bruh.

Here are the steps, young cricket. 1. Tackle your sister and don't let her up until she promises to take it down 2. Go to pet smart and they can teach you stuff 3. Continue regular routine.

JEnglish89 1

Her sister taking it down doesn't effect the people who saw it and already think she's an idiot/ saved it.

Well yeah, but it just makes her look like an idiot, so then at least the brother has revenge.

I do not see why it helped to post the same comment twice

U just made itself look soooo stupid smh.

I guarantee you made yourself look worse.

You have to be the epitome of stupidity if, while you are calling somebody else stupid, you misspell "you", use an improper form of the pronoun "yourself" and say "smh" all in the same sentence...

I approve fanceh's message.

I approve your chest hair.

What does that even mean??

Semi-masturbating hectically. It is a fad sweeping the black "hoods" of America and occurs when a dramatic or stupid event takes place, causing them to go into a masturbating-enfused tear.

U just made yourself look Sooo stupid smh.

Seems to me like your sister is the bigger bitch in this situation.

What's the big deal that you were rolling? Could have been worse... Be like American pie and catch her doing something worse! Hopefully not with a vacuum though

Sounds like someone is speaking from experience. ^^

Ahahaha no..I'm guessing you've never seen American pie?

Pufferfish78 5

I don't think I've eaten an apple pie since I watched that movie lol

Ahahahah.. I herd vacuums give great blow jobs though..or something like that