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Today, I went to my gynecologist's for a check-up. After the doctor checked me I went to the bathroom. It turns out the walls aren't soundproofed, because I could hear the doctor telling his assistant, "God! How did she ever find a husband?" FML
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You should have came out and said, "with that attitude it makes me wonder how you still have patients coming to see you" then promptly left.

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Should have replied "No complaints from my husband".


You should have came out and said, "with that attitude it makes me wonder how you still have patients coming to see you" then promptly left.

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OP, what's going on in your ****** to make a doctor who sees plenty o' pussy say that?

I cannot believe all the negative comments about this doctor. I HIGHLY doubt he said that out of the blue or it was related in ANY way to her vag. I bet she was one of those super annoying bitches that all of you at your jobs bitch about too! Everyone complains about customers in customer service, and a patient is just a doctors customer. Dr's are human too, and just because they make more than minimum wage doesn't mean they have to take shit from others.

At least he didn't touch you inapropretly, or wait he did :/

Let me guess... you are used to having sex with six guys in college? You pulled the entire train throughout your Senior Year? And the "Blue Waffle Special" chugs along.... just puffin' and blowin'...

66- Being as he is a gynecologist, I think it IS appropriate for him to touch her ******. You know, it's just kind of something that they do in their career.

O69- well considering the doctor was talking to his assist, the assist was most likely in the room during the exam, so yeah. The assistant would also be privy to the patient's information.

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Pretty sure I got it. The gynecologist was so shocked by op's bad hygiene (or some other similar problem) that he had to confide in his assistant for some emotional release. The gynecologist didn't mean to hurt op's feelings, so give him a break

They shouldn't have said that in the first place. It's rude and unprofessional. Poor OP, not poor gynecologist.

The gynecologist could have been talking about someone else.

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If you were going to the dentist for a checkup would you brush your teeth first?

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Yea ofcourse you would brush before check up. That doesnt mean you will be perfectly clean in the mouth if you havent been keeping up on brushing. So the dentist should be professional and say the good things (if you have any to point out) and be honest that you can do better... Not question about how any body would like you from your horrible cleaned mouth.. Its rude.

Perhaps the doctor wasn't complaining about the OP's hygiene but their attitude in general. Ex: my mother is a horrible patient and constantly complains that everything the doctor does-- hurts her before the doctor even touches her. None the less, that doctor still didn't have any rights talking about the OP or anyone else for that matter.

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30- I like your analogy and I agree, that would be rude

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Really so none of you have ever complained about anyone in your entire lives without that person around? Because if you have your a hypocrite that's all the doctor did he didn't mean to hurt ops feelings and he had no way of knowing the op could hear him

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And If the op doesn't want people to complain she should wash herself once in awhile, she's probably the same woman from that fml about the nasty ***** left underneath the bed

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wow, it must be bad if you consider how many he sees on a daily basis.

How dare he insult your floppy ******. Poor OP.

Perhaps he was talking about how ugly (he thinks) she is and not her ******.

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that pussy must stink like death

All aboard the "Blue Waffle Express"... Seriously though OP, by chance, did you happen to pull a train of 6 while in your Senior Year at college?

Get back out there and tell him you can hear him..make him feel the shame OP, and then walk out without paying.

OP is Canadian, so it was free to begin with.

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In most doctors offices, you pay up-front and handle the insurance business before you see the doctor. So you may still be out of pocket on this one, OP. But you, definitely, should have let the doctor know you could hear him. And inform him that you'll be contacting the B.B.B. or some sort of higher authority to inform them of his unprofessionalism.

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Canadian Health Care is PUBLICLY funded!!!

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Thank you. It's not free if SOMEONE is paying for it.

You'll never convince Obama voters that it costs anything.

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She lives in Canada. Free health care

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I would love to know what about your ****** would make him wonder that

maybe OP just didn't keep it clean down there... I'm not trying to be offensive to OP saying her vag is nasty, but if you're wondering, you'd have to acknowledge the possibility...and it could be a very repulsive one at that

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Should have replied "No complaints from my husband".

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Some doctors and dentists are complete douchebags to their obviously have one of them...

Doctors can be so arrogant. Once, I had a doctor give me a prescription and he asked what pharmacy I used. I told him and he said he would fax it over. I asked if I would be able to pick it up soon. His unhelpful response was," Well its not going to walk to your house."

13- Why even bother saying sorry in the first place? You're not sorry because if you were you wouldn't have bothered commenting in the first place.

My dentist scolded me for 20 minutes about my tongue ring (which I normally take out for appts, but the hygienist said I could leave it) and how after a few years it starts damaging your teeth. I told him I'd had it for 7 years and he just stopped mid-sentence and said "oh, well you should still take it out, you're such a nice girl" Which made me feel like he was saying having it made me a *****!

@7: What is obvious is that she does not have a douche bag.

If you've had it for that long you should be over comments like that by now. Unless you do perceive yourself as a ***** because of the ring.

I agree.. what a waste of a comment. It clearly read well enough if we all knew what they meant!

Next time take the bear traps out of your snatch.

There's at least one idiot in every class. Somehow they get in, get through, and then unleash their idiocy on humanity. Most of them go into emergency medicine in my experience. Yes, I hate ER docs.

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Intelligence and prudence/kindness are not mutually exclusive, unfortunately.

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I just double-checked to see if I was using "mutually exclusive" wrong. Thumb me down, I deserve it.