By Anonymous - 21/09/2011 12:38 - United Kingdom

Today, my girlfriend started to plan our wedding. We've been going out for 3 days. FML
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RUN!!!!! RUN FAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!

breakup with her, that's a bit psycho.


love at first sight?

She's organizing everything? Wife that bitch.

Well at least you know she loves you!

Put your hand on her stomach and say, "soon this will be ripe with my seed."

We don't know when her first sight started. She could be creeping in his tree with binoculars for the last 3 years for all we know

More like neurotic-attachments at first sight! RUN AWAY OP! Run away...

Lol he should leave her or hit it and quit it. Crazy girls are just not worth it.

Stage 5 clinger

bro. get out while you still can.

I'm already planning my wedding with my crush who doesn't even know I exist (true story)

lol I remember that FML

Whatever you do, do NOT stick your dick in crazy!

17 i lold at your comment but isnt it "plump with my seed"?

I say run while you still can!!

She plans ahead! Waaayy ahead...

Dude get out of there I've seen this happen not good.

Run for the fucking hills, dude. She's cray-zay!

150- I forgot if it was ripe or plump, and plump just didn't sound right at the time, hahah.

Run awayyyy !!!

Will you marry me? Wedding plans are already done.

Made me rofl

ah yeah...hit it and quit it

breakup with her, that's a bit psycho.

RUN! Run as fast as you can before it's to late.

We have a stage 5 clinger... Run away op..

red alert!!!

I don't have a girlfriend but I already make future plans (nothing related to the wedding though). Maybe this is why I will be FOREVER ALONE T.T

She's just waiting to tell you you're gonna be a dad. It may even be yours!

How did you cut your forehead?

dude she's going to sabotage your condom D:

3- That is going to be an epic scar, grats!

No offense or anything but that's DISGUSTING. but it's not as bad as my cousins toe after he had a pole smash through it...

RUN!!!!! RUN FAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had the exact same thought as #4 Lmao!

I absolutely agree. RUN LIKE YOU'RE COVERED IN BEES.

Running away from your problem will only make the matter worse, you have to take it like a man...

not this you dont

Run Forest, run!

Run Forrest run!!

Change your phone number, email...consider Witness Protection Program!

ofan, tell her chill

OP, is your girlfriend 8 by any chance?

The voices told her to do it.

your comments are so weird

I take pride in my work.

The only reason I don't listen to the voices in my head is because they tell me not to.

Get out while you can, no way can someone make a lifetime commitment in three days.

What happened to love at first sight? Didn't Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom decide to get married after 10 days of knowing each other? Great example, I know..

They had another week to work things out LOL.

When you know you know. When I met my partner I knew we would be perfect together, 5 years later and we are still going strong. Love is just one of those things. :)

In Just three days? That's amazing.

Same here. On our third date we said I Love You and at 3 1/2 weeks we got engaged. We just celebrated our 3 year anniversary last week. Sometimes it just happens.

I totally agree get out of it.... before it is too late

Tell her, that you want it to go slow, not get married straight away.

That never works.

Not cool.

Sounds like she really loves you ( maybe she is immature) BUT keep your eyes wide open anyways.

Omg, you're so hot, I think I love you. Marry me?? :)

Seems more like it's immature lust and she doesn't know the difference. Although at the same time they could have known each other for years making this a completely different story.