By jshibbz0993 - 23/11/2011 15:16 - United States

Today, I was complaining to my boyfriend about our excessive water bill. He then says, "Don't look at me, I don't even shower." FML
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tylersign 11

Jesus christ, then you must shower like 3 times a day!


slushpup9696 12

Well OP apparently didn't notice until the boyfriend told her.

LexiMariee16 0

He said he doesn't shower, but that doesn't mean he can't take a bath; which would take somewhat more water than a normal shower, which is what OP is complaining about.

I think it's safe to infer he doesn't bath any form at all

His balls likely reek. How do you lay next to someone who smells like a spoiled butthole???

IndiRae 9

That's weird... Whoever wrote their comment didn't finish. "Squidward smells---good"

tylersign 11

Jesus christ, then you must shower like 3 times a day!

I didn't know that Jesus took 3 showers a day.

I notice most of your comments get thumbed down. You really suck...

maryam8869 7
chickenwalrus 14

Dude, some people can't afford anything in this economy nowadays. Why are you being a jerk?

bfsd42 20

If you use the water, pay the damn bill. Otherwise you are a freeloader.

GuIts funny how people complain about our economy and not being able to afford stuff when over a billion people don't even have access to clean water. They also generally live on less than a dollar a day.

41- considering the government turned what should be a free resource into a monopoly, you sir can stfu.

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NoobHat 6

I don't. Maybe a shower though...?

Either a break-up/divorce or a lawsuit. That's how FML solves other people's problems for them: by suing, or divorcing...

For you not to notice then he must hide it well.

thebaconweave 0

A lot of deodorant and cologne works really well

GraveRobber14 13

16- Sounds like you speak from experience...

jvillan87 5

Yup. In the Army we call em field baths. Baby wipes FTW.