By stoolgal - 23/09/2016 06:19 - United States - Yukon

Today, I found out after a lot of panic and a visit to the gynecologist that the lump in my vagina isn't cancer. I was just constipated. FML
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Fmls like these need a wtf button

Constipated vagina?


kirbo2 21

Good thing it wasn't cancer

Constipated vagina?

Constipation can push into the walls of the vagina, creating a bump.

I've actually had a similar experience. I didn't think it was cancer, though. It was when I was 14 and start exploring my body and felt a bump, I pushed on it and immediately knew what it was since I felt the pressure in my colon lol. Be glad it wasn't cancer, OP!

My mom had one. Took 3 days to get me out.

The rectovaginal septum (or fascia of Otto) is the thin tissue (fascia) between the bowel and the vagina. It's quite easy to feel if a woman is constipated while doing a vaginal examination, it feels lumpy and bumpy. Many many years ago some doctors would do a rectal examination to check dilation during labour, particularly if the baby's head was in an odd presentation. The tissue is so thin that they could feel the cervix through the bowel wall. Thankfully they no longer do that. There is another thing I was going to mention, but I've probably told you more than you wanted to know anyway.

Well, I know I found that fascinating. I was wondering how this worked. I'm kinda embarrassed how little I know about the human body.

Fmls like these need a wtf button

Not really. The two areas are right next to each other. It makes sense, actually.

People that are confused, someone with weak pelvic muscles and or severe constipation can get a lump in their vagina where the stool presses into the vagina.

Well, shit happens. Not there, though... Or it shouldn't, anyway...

Better constipation than cancer

TheLostCauseFML 40

So confused.

I thought that was called an Alaska Pipeline or an Alabama Hot Pocket. I guess I shouldn't use Urban Dictionary as my source of medical knowledge.

Alaskan pipeline is when you shit in a condom put it in the freezer and then use it as a dildo.

sw2f2fchik612 12

Do people do that?

I'm skeptical, too. I think a lot of things on Urban Dictionary are just pranks pulled on them. Has anyone really given or received a blumpkin?

Watch dead snow.

Or space docking? LMFAO

Nerd14 9

I feel like this isn't a FML, if anything it's a LML (Love my life). You found out that you don't have cancer, a little constipation is hardly anything at that point in my opinion. Drink some prune juice and keep it moving OP, lol.

Ew just ew

ColCyclone 17

it's hard to tell if you're being honest, since you're so full of shit