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Today, I was told I'll need a hysterectomy. I'm barely 22. My doctor said "You probably wanted kids, huh? That's gonna be rough!" FML
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Well there are two options: you may be able to harvest some eggs and save them for later for use in ivf, or you can adopt and give an existing kid a loving home. Either way, best of luck OP.

That sucks; I'd go get a second opinion if I were in your shoes.


That sucks; I'd go get a second opinion if I were in your shoes.

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If it's cancer, a common reason for that, there's a good chance it's the only option.

It still wouldn't hurt to get a second opinion. Doctors don't know it all and some doctors have more experience with certain things than others so a different doctor may have a different solution.

Well there are two options: you may be able to harvest some eggs and save them for later for use in ivf, or you can adopt and give an existing kid a loving home. Either way, best of luck OP.

A hysterectomy is the removal of the uterus, she'd need a surrogate if she wants kids with her eggs.

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She could save her eggs, sure, but there'd be no place to put them after IVF. I don't know about the specific laws in Serbia, but having a surrogate carry your child can be very tricky legally speaking. OP should get a second opinion, but if her uterus is so damaged, infected or full of tumors that it has to be removed, there's unfortunately a good chance her body won't be able to sustain a pregnancy even if she finds a doctor who can come up with a way for her to keep her uterus.

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I was about to say the same as the comments above. My mom had to have her uterus removed because she had an early stage cancer in it (after she had 2 kids, lucky for her) but any chance of her having more kids from her own womb was ruined. It really sucks that you can't have kids OP, but adoption is a beautiful thing. I have a hypothyroidism which can affect your ability to have kids (I'm more likely to miscarry than have a live birth) and even though there's a chance I could give birth, I hope to adopt a child with down syndrome as well as hopefully have my own children. Those kids need homes, and you could be the one to give it to them.

IVF won't work if she has her uterus removed...

Okay guys, we get it, IVF on a woman with no uterus doesn't work, commenting that multiple times doesn't change that. BUT if OP can harvest her eggs, she can have the eggs fertilized and placed within a viable surrogate.

#22 I have hypothyroidism and I'm pregnant. If you are getting treatment for it, then there is no higher risk of miscarriage at all. I take one single pill every morning, and I have to get more frequent blood tests, but that has been the case for all my life.

Yeah I did mean with a surrogate. I thought it would've been implied.

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Hysterectomy means removal of the uterus, not the ovaries. She will have egg cells either way but won't be able to carry a child without a uterus. So a IVF won't help at all, unless she has a surrogate mother carry her child. Please research what a word means before commenting.

#45, an Oophorectomy would be removal of the ovaries.

She can't have fertility treatments like IVF if she has no uterus. If you have nowhere to put a baby, you can't get pregnant. Also: that would cost a fortune, at least in the US, and no 22 year old I know has 30 k saved up.

#61, you misunderstood, people are telling the OP to harvest eggs so she can use them on a surrogate if she really wants biological children, which would still be an IVF procedure. The OP's fertilized eggs implanted into another woman with a viable uterus, that's still IVF. Also, I doubt she's planning for a baby right now at 22, this is just for the future, she just posted this because not being able to have children is disappointing. It also doesn't matter if it would cost a fortune, lots of people don't care and will do whatever it takes. A friend of my aunt's spent $100,000 to get IVF and have her 3 kids because she had fertility issues.

42 implying doesn't work here. This is where logic comes to be beaten with a bat and the trolls run freely.

Why is the doctor so cynical? On the bright side, no more periods. I hope that one day you'll call a child your own.

Id get a second opinion. Id also look into getting another doctor if thats how your xdoctor worded it. do need a hysterectomy, and want kids, someone also suggested adoption. That child would be as much yours as if you gave birth. Good luck

I'm sorry. I had a partial when I was 25, it was a hard decision to make. You have to do what's best for your health. the doctor should not have said it like that. doctors should be compassionate. like everyone else said get a 2nd opinion and there are many options to have children yes it really sucks believe me, hang in there chicky:)

"Well, thanks for the diagnoses, Capt—Doctor Obvious."

FWIW, 54 years ago I was adopted because of what may or may not be the same reasons you may have to consider doing it. It worked out great for me and my mom. Yeah, I call her that because she is that.

My wife had that same experience many years ago. She has had a good life and never missed having children. Of course everyone is different - but it's not the end of the world. Not everyone wants children, adoption is another option.