Keep your secrets, do your own laundry

By Anonymous - 25/09/2019 22:00 - United Kingdom - Chester

Today, I found out that before my grandma washes my clothes, she smells my underwear to "make sure they're dirty." FML
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Do your own laundry.

That's commitment to the job!


What the fuck?

That's commitment to the job!

I suppose things need to be dirty like her to be worthy of her time. Can only imagine her thought after checking: "I've smelled worse!!"

It’s sucks but you deserve it cause you could be doing your own laundry 🤷🏻‍♀️

Do your own laundry.

You should only worry if your particularly dirty undies go mysteriously missing.

Time for you to pull up your big girl pants and do laundry for yourself. Furthermore, seriously you are dumb enough to post something like that?

Maybe you should start washing your own clothes

Does her smile grow larger when she finds an "exceptionally" dirty pair?