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Today, my grandmother sat me down and gave me a talk about the importance of personal hygiene. According to her, it's important that I shower twice a day, because, "Fat people tend to have a most curious smell about them." FML
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old people have a even more peculiar one about them


"Well Granny, that smell is actually the smell of your soiled undergarments. Let's go change those for you."

Some people shower twice a day, it's refreshing and keeps you clean, I don't see why that's a bad thing.

Lauren10102 3

If I showered that much, my hair would be sooooooo stringy! plus it takes hours for my hair to air dry. So basically if I was a fat, I would either have to smell queer or be a fat, wet and stringy headed person. OMG I would finally be able to be a nappy headed ho!!!!

To be honest, the reality is that most old people have an odd, unplaceable smell about them >.>

Either drop a few pounds or shower more

Twice a day? Unless you're moisturizing after each shower, you'll strip your skin of natural oils. Unless you're really dirty or sweaty, showering several times a day sounds like obsessive compulsive behavior to me.

It must be nice to be old. You can say whatever you want and people just deal with it. But twice a day is a little much.. it'll dry out your skin. Scented body lotion? I know plenty of bigger people that smell perfectly fine, maybe OP just has hygiene issues that did need to be addressed.

I think the smell depends on how fat a person is, because a obese person sweats a lot more because he has a "fat coat" that raises his/her temperature. (no i'm not saying OP is obese) Ohh and the shower twice a day thing is acceptable if you do a lot of sports, because after you do sports your skin is full with the toxins you transpired while you where doing sports, if not your body will re-absorb them. ask any coach or sport doctor

Its funny how old ladies can say anything and make it sound nice reminds me of the time I was in this store and the first thing the old woman at the register said was "dont steal anything" (btw im black) it took me like half an gour to realise I was pissed off

I'd reply with: The pillsbury dough boy's chunky, and he smells like cookies.

kevsnev 7

I shower twice and I'm not fat.

OP should tell her that it tends to be OLD people... either way, showering twice a day is a good idea

mind you OP, even though its OLD people that tend to smell, showering twice a day is not a bad idea

MyScrewedUpLifeS 0

old people don't filter, get used to it ;p

it's yeast......for realsies that's that curious smell....put some over the counter anti fungal cream and that'll clear up :)

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Idk..... I think she's just used to the smell of mothballs and everything else smells weird

2 - Loosing weight isn't easy. I've dieted and worked my ass off for 2 years in wrestling, only to loose 16lbs. I still have my moobs and rolls, which is baffling to me as I hardly eat anything anymore. No, I'm not anorexic nor bullemic. I choose not to eat to maintain my weight.

I work with a couple of larger people and they will try to mask the smell with cologne/perfume. It doesn't work.

76, it all depends on your metabolism, everybody has a different one, that lets them lose or gain weight at different speeds, for example i can lose weight very fast but i gain weight just as fast

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76. I'll call BS on that one. seriously. if you cut enough calories from your diet. including sugars while exercising you lose wait. instead of "not eating to maintain weight" (slows your metabolism), which is probably what's F'n you. eat healthier. keep exercising and take multivitamins. you'll see a difference. OP lose weight or get a squeaky clean shower every day

demczyss 8

Eating only a little amount or eating sometimes will not help you lose weight. You need to eat healthy, regular meals and exercise to lose wight. Practically staving yourself will do you no good.

No, it's the stashes of food we keep under our rolls so we don't ever miss our hourly meal.

I think he's saying something about OP's curious smell which is so bd it killed "the curious cat"

you have posted two comments both have been thumbed down. just quit?

Yes but this one wasn't thumbed down do many times that it was removed. Can't you see the progress?

borkchop1992 15

old people have a even more peculiar one about them

Lauren10102 3

ehh, it's just a combination of food and soap.

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#1- You really need to respect your elders a whole lot more than you do. #2- I've worked in convelesant hospitals as both a nursing assistant and an LVN, it's not a very nice place to be. Granted there are some very nice ones out there with staff that actually care about their residents, but they are very rare. I've seen a lot of what goes on in there and it's not always very pleasant. That's why I chose to become a nurse so that I can at least raise the standard of care given at my place of employment. I know I can't fix everything but I can do the best I am capable of to ensure the quality of care that I give is up to par. Thank you for your time. Good day.

XxDancerGirlxX 17

I know exactly how you feel. I'm in nursing classes now. I'm a CNA at a nursing home, it's awful there. The people do not care!!

So if your grandma tells you to shower more ...bam put that granny in a home!

I don't see why we should treat our elders different to people our own age, just because they've lived a bit longer.

At least she said "curious" smell instead of "rancid, disgusting, foul" or any of those words...

Some thin people are smelly too. It's all bout personal hygiene. No need to stereotype.

Sydnayy 4

Sure thin people can be smelly, but overweight people(depending on how big they are) can't wash everywhere they need to. Also it's usually more tiring and sweat inducing when they do simple things. Just sayin'!

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Say at least I don't smell like moth balls