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By  melrose90210  |  10

At least you're using protection :)

  Haven74  |  6

Well, tight clothes *could* be a sexual deterrent ...if the one removing the clothes has ADD, gets frustrated & gives up easily because they're too tight to be removed easily.

  bubbywaldo  |  0

Oh my gosh you humor impaired people she's wearing protection because her grandma said her clothes are as tight as a condom! Get it? Get it? That was an excellent comment!

  Haven74  |  6

113 - I'm not quite sure why you would hope the picture is not me or why you would give a crap one way or the other about it. The picture is me, although the "tattoo" on my tongue is NOT real, it was tattoo candy that melts on the tongue. One of my kids received them in a goodie bag and wanted to share.

  hatesfate  |  6

5 - I'm sure if at 14 you tried to send your grandmother to a nursing home because you were dressed like a hooker on half off night that your parents would send you to social services. ;-)

Also wtf is "Agriculter"?

  louiseth  |  9

94 I think The Agriculter is the cow in charge of recruiting and training calves for battle once they're 11 weeks old, so that they may join their cult and eventually, when the army has been built up, they'll rise up against humanity with all the power of the great Evan, god of livestock.

By  Calyx_fml  |  21

She's jealous that you're still attractive while she's a wrinkly old prune with a bitchy attitude who couldn't get laid if she paid for it. Tell her than and she'll shut up.