By bob - 01/09/2011 05:29 - United States

Today, my grandmother refused to wear clothes. FML
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I hope you did not try to iron out the wrinkles.

I want to be that age where I can get away with anything.

10, I want to be a monkey. That way I can throw bananas at people and it would be legal.

18, you can sling dookie, too. Don't forget that -- it's an essential part of monkeydom. Remember the fundamentals!

Damn_Hippster 11

Your grandma is a hipster, after all clothes are pretty mainstream!

OP why dont you take a bath for a couple of hours to 'wrinkle up', then you can strip off and chase after the ol' slag ;D

I hope OP is very young and his grandma had a her child at 16 and she had him at 16, otherwise i dont see how this can get any worse

WhySoSerious_93 1

Deny all knowledge of knowing her and hide until she puts some clothes on

HAHAHA! i laughed so hard but im also concerned a bit s is ur grandma ok?

Are you upset because she happens to be the first naked women you've seen, OP?