By mrmr - 07/02/2010 18:32 - United States

Today, I was taking a shower and the glass sliding door was jammed. I tugged it, and it shattered all over me. I was naked. FML
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You were naked while taking a shower? No ******' way.

AngryNinja 1

ow. that made me hurt just thinking about it.


Duran40 0

heeeeey how you doin? haha. yea I agree...

sterl13 0

that's ok if you get glass in your dick just do like me and get your wife to get it out I get glass in my dick a lot;)

michael32123 0

who showers naked these days??

why the **** do you have glass stuck in your dick a lot how does that go about happening

Scars are sexy. Nothing like a scab.. mmmmmm

JoshTheMaggot 8

the better question is why does your shower have a door. wtf

yeah, jw, shouldn't he have used shatterproof doors? aren't all of em that way now?

"why does his shower have a door???" you've never seen a shower with a door before?

noooo u shower naked?? who does that? any normal person I know showers in a ski suit but of course I live in Colorado.. xD

well I would hope you were naked in the shower

Your stupidity amazes me. I'm surprised you had the brain function to confirm your FML account.

wantsomejewinu 0

That would suck if you have a pussyyyyyyy.

trumpetGIRL12345 0

omg u were NAKED in the SHOWER holy shit I never would've guessed

ButteredMuffin 3

You're disgusting. Grow up freak.

At least your already in the shower to clean it off lol

You were naked while taking a shower? No ******' way.

Felium 0

yay because most humans take a showere with clothes on

You guys are stupid, #3 meant that it was pointless to mention that the OP was naked.

hahaha #3 i was thinking the same thing

FMLFML123123 0

the OP was just restating that she or he was emphasize how bad the pain must of been because glass went EVERYWHERE on her body.

AngryNinja 1

ow. that made me hurt just thinking about it.

imballinlol 0

Ow. Did you get glass stuck in your dick? FYL

or pussy. the OP could have been a girl

PandaFlavoured 0

No it doesn't... It doesn't have anything there. It's blank ._.

imballinlol- if he did are u gona suck it out for him..?

well then wats mrmr??? lol is it Mr. Mr.? i hav no idea! -.-

saychimichanga 0

Ouch. Did of any of the glass get on your dick?

That's happened to me before. Suck it up.

killabee 0

Haha, #5 and #7 are very concerned with your dick. Maybe it will get a get-well-soon card.