By mrmr - 07/02/2010 18:32 - United States

Today, I was taking a shower and the glass sliding door was jammed. I tugged it, and it shattered all over me. I was naked. FML
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You were naked while taking a shower? No fuckin' way.

AngryNinja 1

ow. that made me hurt just thinking about it.


Duran40 0

heeeeey how you doin? haha. yea I agree...

sterl13 0

that's ok if you get glass in your dick just do like me and get your wife to get it out I get glass in my dick a lot;)

you were naked in a shower??????

michael32123 0

who showers naked these days??

why the fuck do you have glass stuck in your dick a lot how does that go about happening

Scars are sexy. Nothing like a scab.. mmmmmm

JoshTheMaggot 8

the better question is why does your shower have a door. wtf

yeah, jw, shouldn't he have used shatterproof doors? aren't all of em that way now?

"why does his shower have a door???" you've never seen a shower with a door before?

noooo u shower naked?? who does that? any normal person I know showers in a ski suit but of course I live in Colorado.. xD

the circumcition made it holy good job

well I would hope you were naked in the shower

ydi for showering nude.

Your stupidity amazes me. I'm surprised you had the brain function to confirm your FML account.

wantsomejewinu 0

That would suck if you have a pussyyyyyyy.

trumpetGIRL12345 0

omg u were NAKED in the SHOWER holy shit I never would've guessed

this fml makes no sense at all

ButteredMuffin 3

You're disgusting. Grow up freak.

you guys are disgusting...

At least your already in the shower to clean it off lol

You were naked while taking a shower? No fuckin' way.

Felium 0

yay because most humans take a showere with clothes on

You guys are stupid, #3 meant that it was pointless to mention that the OP was naked.

they were joking genius

hahaha #3 i was thinking the same thing

FMLFML123123 0

the OP was just restating that she or he was emphasize how bad the pain must of been because glass went EVERYWHERE on her body.

threer 30

Or his body..

AngryNinja 1

ow. that made me hurt just thinking about it.

imballinlol 0

Ow. Did you get glass stuck in your dick? FYL

or pussy. the OP could have been a girl

it says op is a boy at the top

PandaFlavoured 0

No it doesn't... It doesn't have anything there. It's blank ._.

imballinlol- if he did are u gona suck it out for him..?

well then wats mrmr??? lol is it Mr. Mr.? i hav no idea! -.-

saychimichanga 0

i've done that

Ouch. Did of any of the glass get on your dick?

That's happened to me before. Suck it up.

killabee 0

Haha, #5 and #7 are very concerned with your dick. Maybe it will get a get-well-soon card.

Thats hot you were in the shower!