By Username - 13/09/2010 23:19 - France

Today, I found out my grandmother doesn't wear underwear when she bent over in front of me in her inappropriately short nightgown. FML
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perdix 29

Was she picking up her Chap-Stick saying, "Oh, these old lips are so dry and chapped! Will you help your dear ol' Granny rub it on and get some relief?"

you lucky bugger


you lucky bugger

lol 1 ops grandmas a dirty filthy prostitute slut whore! or my mom. Same thing.

what noooooooooo! my comment was filled with love and good intentions!!!! :( I'm sad now. I need hugs!

nice and wrinkley

And we need to know this because..?

that's pretty nasty

30 I'm not wrinkly!!!! 34 YOU NEED TO KNOW 37 taco

39 I know I will but that won't be for awhile I'm only 20

omggitshayley 0

looks like it's time to buy granny a new nightgown...ahah. but that's reaaally gross. fyl.

did you hit that thing from behind? that is what I would of done

Ok, that put the image of my grandma doing this in my head, and.. -shudders- Aren't grandma's supposed to be cheerful and good at baking cookies? Instead of flashing people in too short nightgowns?

BallinJ 0

did u proceed to hit it doggystyle

I hate it when people do this but... 43 you're pretty :3 hehe x) anyways... mmm mmm mmmmm loose and floppy

30 you are gorgeous haha! I love me sum Aussie!

y u checking out your grandma? ydi

snagglepaste 0

No one deserves that!

rawrgoesthedinos_fml 0

116 - WIN.

Perhaps they were curious about their grandmas panties, of lack of panties. Guess they're not anymore.

Good question, but some things are hard to avoid if they are completely unexpected.

Shookitup 0

Suprise :D

perdix 29

You mean you'll be staring at your grandmother's crotch, hoping for a free show?

My grandma does the same thing in her lil' walmart nightgown!!!

singer4life666 0

So does mine! That's all she wears to bed too. I'm never going in her room again..


I have a friend in Singapore

haha you did the same thing I did. i hate felines and you over wieght just kidding. I got a cat and she will only eat if input it in her bowl and your beautiful, not over weight.

I will never get that image out of my head!!!! XD noooooooooooo!!!!!!¡

75, I don't think anyone could. *sobs unconsolably* 55, Cats can be so picky! Its terribly strange how they can still be so lovable even with their mannerisms.


haha nothin like sexy granny fanny ;)

that's fucking gross.

Sexy_beast22 4

thats gross ill never b able to look at grandmas the same again

Grandmas are funny creatures.

lickmyjock 0

yeah, I miss mine :-(

You can rent my grandma! She's British and always has candy on hand, although those two facts are somewhat unrelated.

perdix 29

Actually, nerdsGMH, those facts could be highly related if she has the stereotypical British teeth.

perdix 29

Was she picking up her Chap-Stick saying, "Oh, these old lips are so dry and chapped! Will you help your dear ol' Granny rub it on and get some relief?"

Shookitup 0

Those crusty-crusts.

banananut 0

LOL. i think i love you. :D

those sandy things!

Lolololololol. WIN

I think I just died a little