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Today, my grandma was leaning over in front of me, vacuuming, while wearing a V-neck shirt. Out of instinct, I glanced at her chest. She's 75. I checked out my 75 year-old grandma. FML
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totally hot. women are like scotch they keep getting better with age and they taste better too.

that is so gross 42! how old are you 75?!?!

42 r u 80 caus otherwise that's gross...

42, that was a win. But isn't this FML exactly how most incest stories begin?

little girls are better then old ones >:|

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113- He's from Canada. The time's been messed with up there. Please excuse his unpleasantness.

121 - oh yes cause everything is hunky dory in the USA.

pedophilia!!!!????? Huhhh?? he's a kid himself. && what's wrong with Canada?!

42- I'm pretty sure after a certain age, they start to age like milk. btw, ydi op, y..d..i

At least people in Canada arnt al OBESE ( yh bring on the thumbs downs )

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I keep hearing MILF and never knew what it meant. I guess it's a **** thing?

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93 - fail :( idk where there's so many YDIs....its natural to take a glance at boobs, i mean no its not appropiate, and if he kept looking thatd be nasty, but he said he got a GLANCE, like you guys havent glanced at boobs without knowing. sheesh. OP, im sorry, FYL, my grandma once played wii in front of me in her underwear :

107 seems like you're the only intelligent girl here props.

Sorry, I'm not the smartest brightest person in the world...

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dude, you're gross she's your grandmother!!!

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Thanks for the extra information, I didn't realize the OP was talking about his grandma.

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18 there's no need for your stupid smartass comments.

55 yes there is. it's to emphasise how dumb you are.

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obviously saying he's gross for checking out his gm isn't stupid so STFU!

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but saying your "stupid smart as comment" is an oxyMORON

You're too defensive. You have come out of this looking like an arse. Congratulations.

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k. I said stupid cuz his comment wasn't noteworthy at all. and he was being a smartass so...

I guess you don't know the meaning of instinct. Women hate on us for checking out breasts, but when we say instinct, we're NOT exaggerating. I'm deadly serious. You won't understand until you're in our shoes.

102 agreed. it IS literally their instinct, hell, even i glance at **** without meaning too. its not YDI so something tells me a majority of the YDIs are girls...

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actually that is an instinct you dumb sack of SHIT! ten bucks says ur just a stupid judgmental *****! bitch

wow what's ur problem. some ppl get way too into these comments

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Seriously, how hard is it to control yourself from looking at her chest?

Exactly! If you look down shirts instinctively you already have something wrong with you: you're a pervert!

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Yeah. I can see his next FML. *My dog just had puppies and I instinctively had to check out her swollen ****. All eight of them. FML"

lol, clearly men are too complex for you women to understand.

Clearly men are very simple if they are not able to stop themselves from looking at their grandmothers breasts.

Yes, and women are very simple creatures if they cannot control their emotions while on their rag or pregnant. Not to mention the fact that women can rarely control their irrationality - very simple indeed.

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There isn't anything wring with glancing. Maybe citrus is so harsh because no one glances her way.

I don't see why you feel the need to insult me, especially considering I don't have a picture of myself so you have no way of accurately judging my appearance. Also, I have a boyfriend, and we've been dating 2.5 years. So I know at least one person thinks I'm worth glancing at.

Wow Citrus, You're too defensive. You have come out of this looking like you are indeed hideously ugly. Congratulations.

I don't think I'm being too defensive. If someone made, what you beleived to be, an innacurate statement about you, I think you'd like to correct them as well. I can say that at least I don't feel the need to insult peoples appearances online because I can hide behind a username.

You really should have left the "checking out" part OUT of that post. Maybe you would seem less like a creep.

Seriously, how hard is it to control yourself from looking at her chest?