By Anonymous - 27/11/2014 18:51 - United States - Athens

Today, some idiot introduced my grandmother to yoga pants. FML
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I think they are now yogurt pants.

More like NOga pants! Am I right?


I think they are now yogurt pants.

I guess brain bleach will work fine for this. Maybe boil some water for your eyes.

did you reply to a wrong post ?

Then girls with saggy butts shouldn't wear them either

More like NOga pants! Am I right?

I actually found this pretty funny haha

Damn right you are.

Yes you are correct

Gramma's not allowed to be loose and comfortable like everyone else? Shame on you! </sarcasm>

I think she's very "loose", that's the problem..

As long as she's comfy.... Hopefully someone can get her a long shirt to go over them though. -Shivers-

10 is awesome XD

#10 Are you calling OP's grandmother a whore?

I think you should introduce that idiot to duct tape.

Werk Grandma!!

lost my mind when I thought you said twerk

Hopefully the image of her won't be scarred into your brain forever....look on the bright side..atleast she doesn't walk around the house naked...

Just think cottage cheese thighs and yoga pants...

@22 'nuff said.

Does she want uggs now too?

and Starbucks?

And a messy hair bun?

and a loose fitting work out shirt that shows her belly button?

what about some slippers?

The visual is disgustingly amusing to me .

Still gotta keep it tight even in your old age.

I'm so sad that i visualized that before going to sleep.