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Today, my grandmother patched up my $300, vintage, limited edition, designer jeans because she thought I'd accidentally ripped them. FML
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well thats what you get for buying $300 jeans.

Maybe now you can reflect on how absurd it is to spend $300 on Jeans that are ripped, simply because they are "trendy"...


well thats what you get for buying $300 jeans.

today i listened to someone bitch about having $300 to spend on jeans. fml

your a total twat...ydi for buying such expensive jeans you dumbass...and then you bitched about it. wowww

the OP not the commenter. kind of confusing. I know.

just pick the stitches out. really no big deal

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not really... they are all made in the same factory you are just paying extra for the brand and ydi for buying ripped jeans and 300$ jeans

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Hey they're not ripped, they're "vintage" 

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Believe it or not, you can have good taste AND look presentable without spending 300$ on your entire outfit, let alone one item of clothing. How ******* shallow and materialistic are you that you think you need 300$ designer jeans in order to look good? I mean, really? To me, an expensive pair of jeans is like 60$, 300 is ridiculous. They're not made any differently than 20$ jeans from Walmart, they just have a different label sewn on them, so what are you wasting all that extra money for?

I agree, I'm lucky to be able to afford cheap jeans (barely) and they are still presentable. OP's post is like a slap in the face for people who actually struggle to get by. Complaining about spending 300 dollars on a pair of jeans.

Just because they have 300$ and you don't shouldn't cause negativity

Not really because jeans of that price point are hand made, hand stitched and have higher quality materials being used.

They are made different stop trying to sound smart. Smh. 200$ is fine if thats what they're willing to spend. Who told you to judge based on what they can afford. Trues and other jeans of that caliber are hand made, hand stained hand stitched and use higher quality materials. So they are different than your trailer trash walmart jeans.

Maybe now you can reflect on how absurd it is to spend $300 on Jeans that are ripped, simply because they are "trendy"...

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anyone can slash fukin 70$ jeans with a knife or scissors

or $10 jeans. most of my pants cost about that much or less, even.

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337, i am jelous of your pic... its awesome

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Wow. $300. I wish I had that kind of money to spend on one pair of jeans. Have you ever heard of Walmart?

If your fortunate enough to have the extra money to buy them then why not...poor people saying "that's rediculous" cuz they jelly

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Ridiculous* and 300 for jeans is ridiculous no matter how much money you have. There are a lot better things to do with it like donating. So no I'm not "jelly" that she's a dumb **** that waste money

I'm with you, mlenglish. Why waste 300$ on one pair of jeans when you could probably find two or three really nice pairs for 100$ (if you actually needed new jeans) and then spend the other 200$ on something you actually NEED, save it, or donate it to a charity. Some people are so damn shallow...

Stop being a whining bitch because they are buying things with Their money. I'm not sure if you know but rich people have to wear nice lavish things, why i buy ralph Lauren not walmart. Go ahead and buy some walmart jeans. Smh. Trailer trash.

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second 1. your grandma was just being nice.

No, her grandma wasn't just being nice. She was messing with OP's things without permission. OP deserves some respect. My mom and grandma thought it was fine to clean my desk by throwing things away, write notes on papers I was about to turn in, etc. They thought they were doing me a favor and were angry that I wasn't grateful. I was 20 then. OP probably is around that age too if the jeans were $300.

grandma donated my slightly beat up leather jacket...because she assumed its what i was gonna do with it. so i agree with 375

Guys, they're grandma's, sometimes they genuinely just trying to help out, and possibly might not know the exact thing you plan to do with everything you own. I don't think you should be happy tht your grandma and mom threw your papers away, and you have the right to be angry, but don't reget the fact that they were trying to help.

Nothing says "I'm a giant douche" like expensive clothing that can be ruined by patching up a tear.

That's what you get for being a wanker that bought ripped jeans. Sucked in.

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There's a good chance that you won't find much sympathy here.

Have to agree with all the other posters. Buying 300 buck jeans is a bit douchey

I don't really think 300$ for jeans is that absurd.. Most of mine are worth 200+ but I've gotten for around 100-150$. People who think 10$ jeans from Walmart are the same have never worn a pair of nice jeans, the difference in quality is amazing.

No. For the most part, denim is denim, and while yes, some pairs of jeans may be better quality than others, price doesn't necessarily have anything to do with it. I've gotten 20-30$ jeans that were more comfortable and lasted longer than the fancy "in style" jeans I got for over 100$. When that 100$ pair fell apart, I realized it was a huge waste of money and I went back to wearing my 20$ jeans.

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I was about to type the exact same thing as the first person. In this economy? Really? Totally deserved.