By baconistasty27 - 01/08/2014 05:33 - United States - San Diego

Today, I spent my afternoon rummaging through old jeans and other pants, due to being broke and needing cash for ramen. FML
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Try down the back of the couch.

Rawrshi 25

One might say you were ramen-ging for cash!


Try down the back of the couch.

College life

MrsFlowers 9

A job might do the trick to.

@46 - Not always an option. Selling your body for money is. Blood/plasma, you perverts.

The question is did you find enough for ramen?

The question is, why ramen?

Because ramen is filling and costs around 30 cents a package.

And tastes amazing

cryssycakesx3 22

who else remembers when 'oodles of noodles' were 10/$1

Sounds like the life.. The college life

Try robbing a bank

If I learned one thing from Stir Crazy, it's that dressing up as woodpeckers always works when robbing a bank.

I first read it as rubbing a bank. I thought it was an odd thing to say, then I read it again and decided that the first way I read it made a better advice anyway.

Rawrshi 25

One might say you were ramen-ging for cash!

How do you come up with all of these puns? I picture you up all night writing material and being like "if someone posts about a bisexual werewolf, transformers, or umbrellas, I'm golden". Thanks for your originality though, most puns on here are older than Joan Rivers' original face.

Rawrshi 25

Haha, it's purely on the spot, I assure you! I absolutely adore puns, even stupid ones that just make you groan. So I really enjoy coming up with them. FML happens to be the perfect outlet for my punderage. I take it as a huge compliment that you enjoy it. c:

MrsFlowers 9

Your pun made my day. I laughed for like 20 mins. :D

martialart1st18 19

I actually really like ramen

cryssycakesx3 22

at least OP has ramen, I'm having ice for dinner.

Go fishing (: I'm sure someone you know has to have a fishing rod if you don't. Food tastes better when you catch it anyways.

There's a pretty polluted lake in the city near me. I bet the fish I catch there will not taste better than the store bought fish.

Yea, I agree. I'd be surprised if I caught a living fish in the waters of the Bronx. I'd be even more surprised if it only had two eyes.

Hey I'm by DC and we have the polluted Potomac river. I fish there and release but I have gone to clean lakes/ponds in the area and had the fish there and it tasted great. If there is absolutely no clean water sources around you then I feel bad for you and well I guess you are shit out of luck

What if they don't like fish?

Beggars can't be choosers hmm well they shouldn't be. If he would rather starve than eat fish it's his choice.

Ya I also live in the Bronx and that's probs where Godzilla hatched

Well sounds worth it.

Solution: Eat your pants. It seems you have plenty to spare.

Welcome to college. Hopefully.