By unlovedfatty - 16/12/2010 01:01 - United States

Today, I reactivated my Facebook account, having not used it for three months. My "friends" didn't realize this. According to their recent status updates, I'm disgustingly fat, have a hook nose, and I'm secretly hated. FML
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fyl. that sucks. what dicks

well...I guess sometimes ignorance is bliss, although I'd rather know who I can and cannot trust. to hell with them. lol


deactivate your Facebook. or delete all of these people. believe it or not there are people who'll like you and accept you for who you are. but you won't find them sitting on your fat ass.

I agree with #12

I_R_Genius 3

Mamamiaaa, I want your shades :) they would look good on my albino motley blood python :). So can I have them? And OP you really need to get out more and stop being on facebook.

thanks! guess what they light up tooo!! hmmmph you can borrow that if I can pose in pictures with it!

I_R_Genius 3

Oh you certainty can bebe :). My albino motley blood is a beaut, she is just so pretty you'd love her :)

ThoraxeTheImpale_fml 0

do I even want to KNOW why they were all modded?

haha!! You don't want to know...

fyl. that sucks. what dicks

I agree get new, true friends

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Not so secretly hated, you mean.

id probably hate you to if you were fat and had a hooked nose.

They hang around with you so they look better.

heyyy what happened to the other comments.

some say they went extinct, others say an asteroid, some even think it was aliens. nobody knows...

okay. I actually lol'd. thanks for that explanation.

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Apparently it wasn't a secret.

Lose some weight

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sucks to be you

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It actually registers as a number that I can click on with Skype. :-(

1-800-NOSE-JOB :)

well...I guess sometimes ignorance is bliss, although I'd rather know who I can and cannot trust. to hell with them. lol

tiftif567 0

yeah but not in a nice way how do u take that as a compliment

stop eating you're one of the many obese people who make us all look like fat lazy slobs to the Europeans. go lose some weight... if you want help I lost 30 pounds in like 8 months from turning vegetarian...

You might want to talk to a doctor about all that nasty venom spewing from your mouth, darling.

FFML_314 11

Yes, not eating is definitely the solution. Fat people don't make anyone look bad. The only person that can make you look bad, is you. Now, go have a veggie burger.

^ you're fat.

FFML_314 11

Hell yes! How else am I supposed to keep warm in the winter time, moron?

I_R_Genius 3

Hey now, I think she's a cutie. And you are taking up other peoples commenting space as well. Good day :)

FFML_314 11

Yes, I can see how that would leave you speechless. Take your idiotic ass out of here. IMO, anyone that insults someone for their appearance is a pusillanimous, narcissistic, weak, sorry excuse for a human being. Look in a mirror and judge your own face and body, before you make such ignorant comments.

dinorawr1107 4

i see no way she is fat. She is quite pretty! Now run along dear and go play with the kids across the interwebs = Go away

can't edit on the iPod app but I meant to say stop eating so much. freaking people eating every 20 minutes need to get some self control.

lovelyllama3 0

^^ lol you tell em dinorrawr!!

FFML_314 11

DVecc, either way your comment was ignorant.

are you guys blind?!??!! she's huge! oh wellz. :)

Oh, we're not blind, darling. We can clearly see just how shallow you are!~

bask in your failure. you have just fed a troll.

FFML_314 11

Alright, what are you smoking and where can I get some? Bask in your empty head. I am here to feed you. 'Tis what I do.

dinorawr1107 4

lol FFML I would be delighted if I could hve some too. Gotta share man, Its nice. And lol lovelylama(?) sorry i am super bad at remembering things

Fuhohohoho!~ It's so funny when people here first meet me!~ You'll learn, darling. You'll learn.

doesn't look like it. you're over here breathing all hard and getting uptight now go outside and do some jumping jacks or somethin'. ..fatty.

dinorawr1107 4

you must truly have some strange eye disease because she is far from huge. Shes nowhere near it. And why tell a person theyre fat? If its true they already know but nevermind that its not the case. now go be a bitch somewhere else please.

Oh, how cute!~ Now you're resorting to 3rd grade insults!~

dinorawr1107 4

she needs no exercise. And what is wrong with fat people theyre just like you and me! same organs same. your both human and you should treat her like youd wanna be treated. I see no point in discriminating(?) people, its like saying it to yourself cause your both THE SAME. So dont be an ignorant fool and go away

FFML_314 11

Jumping jacks, followed by flap jacks. Soaked in syrup of course. Nom nom nom!

Bee_fml 2


dinorawr1107 4

FFML I feel you aw man now I want some >.<

dinorawr1107 4

Well i hope you learn she is nt fat nor ugly an excuse any typos i have had recenty tis not easy typing vertically on an iphone! Pip pip cheerio I shall conversate with you another day -.-

Wow, you are still the subject of their attention? Take that as a compliment, OP. People talk about you!

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You must be friends with children then. As long as I've been on facebook, I've never seen any of my friends degrade someone else that they knew, other than a celebrity..

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I agree with 10.