By AlwaysGottaFML - 20/08/2011 07:26 - United States

Today, I found out that instead of being stationed in Afghanistan, my husband of 9 years has been "stationed" at his other girlfriend's house. FML
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Staton your foot in his ass.


jake1632 9

Abort abort, false information!

Marcella1016 31

Cock block now?

In all seriousness, is a black **** ever down?

LiveLaughFML 10

you should drop on his little "station" and attack the enemy! :}

LiveLaughFML 10


Oh okay so it says "I'm a ******* moron who can't spell or come up with an original comment so I just type in random characters followed by question marks in hopes of getting thumbs up."

LiveLaughFML 10

#46 whatt are you talking about? :O

Proving hes a moron.

OP, this is the part where you let your husband catch you riding dick. Dick other than his.

Comment moderated.

Marcella1016 31

Why did they moderate number 1??? I thought it was hilarious!

The enemy is everywere he is doing a service to the country.JK he sounds like a dick.

SemperFi_23 6

Whiskey tango foxtrot, hunter 9 has unsuccessfully raided the enemy stronghold, they are oscar mike to another location

I bet she polishes his helmet

MyScrewedUpLifeS 0


Tookie22 5

125 STFU boot. OP divorce him after he gets charged with adultery. he wants to ruin your marriage. get back at him and ruin his career.

Best. Advice. Ever. Seriously, OP, that's the way to go. I'm pretty sure they'll set him on fire if he ever tries to enter a federal building ever again.

I'm resisting the urge to click YDI for not noticing that the rest of his unit wasn't deployed. FYL for your husband being pond scum though. Ruin his career, he deserves it.

1- you're really attractive!

Thanks. You too! Looks like I have a lot of haters. Bring it!!

Nice hooters. I ment the owl

Nice melons too. I'm holding watermelons!

ccargill61 0

someone is a little butthurt for no reason

265- that was a fam. guy reference yuh creep! O_o

funkyspacemonkey 0

Think that maybe she should have had a fukn clue? Lol...

Attack the intruder too

Court martial! :-)

rldostie 19

Or at the very least, report it!! It's illegal to have an affair in the military, AND to lie about a deployment. Trust me, his commanders will help you run him through the wringer.

Ah delta two four we got a cheater in home base COPY THAT!! MARINES TAKE HIM OUT!! Ho ah

Oh mr. Springer, do I have an episode for you!

Sorry im not good with marine talk considering the fact my profile picture is navy seals

He won't get discharged from the military, but he may be stripped of rank, and sent to clean toilets for a living. Or at least that's what would happen in the air force. Idk about other branches. Never heard of that happening though. Don't know how he would be able to avoid the OP.

ppatty 0

133-139 it's ooh-rah for marines and hooyah for seals lol just for reference

Ah, another lady taking an extended vacation to Pen Island.

depends on his rank and whether or not he's enlisted or commissioned. My husband has seen this happen. One enlisted, sleeping with two different married officers...I'm hoping at different times...while deployed. If I remember correctly, the officers were kicked out and she was busted down to private.

I think he has already had plenty of discharge.

UmbraeCatervae 0

Oorah champ its oorah

jlstough 10

yeahh, that'd be "hooah."

jake1632 9

Fail, retard

ryan no actually you're 3rd.... and sorry op guys r sneaky but how would u not know...??

Looks like third to me, jackass.

Give him a break guys, he was only off by two.

aFatFuck 0

idk I'd say #8 is more of a fail. Uses a picture of his half ass six pack and has his phone number on his profile for 'mature' girls to call him, he's 14.

Staton your foot in his ass.

I have a feeling it's going to be like a battlefield in her house...

it's a war.. the women are fighting over where the husbands **** is at.

Station, sorry :P

I don't think anyone noticed.

xShannonxSammyx 7

Am I the only one that read that comment in Red Forman's voice?

koolkat27 13

269- nope

Orcina1 3

Damn that sucks. I'm sorry OP :(

It's his duty to please that booty

no. it's his job to control his knob.

Its his career to enter her from the rear?

itsallgoodintheh 0

So I'm confused.

kameryn25 3

That's silly.

itsallgoodintheh 0

Your right

Do yourself and all of us a huge favour, and gtfo FML.

You're ******* retarded.

wow, you are a dumb ass! go read a book.

crazychick1269 7

the only reason she's confused is cuz she wants attention!!!

Real bastard but i gotta wonder how you found out

Orcina1 3

I love your profile pic

He definitely getting in the action ;)

I'm gonna guess from someone else in his military group (I forget what it's called) that wasn't in Afghanistan. Or one of the higher ranked officers.

26-it's called a platoon

oh right! haha thanks

Maybe she travelled to Afghanistan and didnt found him ;)

143 Yeah, that sounds logical....

FreshPairOfNikes 0

¿u?op ?p?sdn s??? s? ???

probably her husband's last words.

I think this it some kind of alien dialect. It looks slightly complicated but I should be able to decode it in the next few hours.

Okay it says "I'm a moron that can't spell or come up with an original comment so I just type in random characters followed by question marks in hopes of getting thumbs up." Woah that's deep!

see, it didn't take you hours to figure it out :))

Yes, turns out it wasn't alien, just idiot. It's easy to get those two mixed up. Although idiot is much easier to translate.