By weirdthingtosay - 21/11/2014 09:56 - United States - Kalama

Today, I was getting to second base with a really hot guy, but I couldn't stop laughing when he said my boobs were "soft like cake." He got so embarrassed that he lost his boner. FML
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So "help" him get it back

Better then most girls, others would have posted an FML saying "Today, a really hot guy I was getting to second base with said my boobs were "soft like cake". FML"


So "help" him get it back

#1- Your name fits your comment perfectly

And Wingman of the Year Award goes to...

You have to admit the guy is fucking hilarious

cmchappy 25

Maybe make it up to him by wearing whipped cream next time

What was he expecting?

#2: That she wouldn't embarrass him during sex.

47, if you refer to someone's titties as soft cake in or out of the bedroom prepare to be laughed at.

angel food cake?

Better then most girls, others would have posted an FML saying "Today, a really hot guy I was getting to second base with said my boobs were "soft like cake". FML"

But who doesn't like cake?

Or Today a hot guy saw my teeny tiny boobs and said they were "flat like pancakes". FML

I want to hear the FML in the guy's place. Today, I was getting to second base with a girl, and I said her boobs were "soft like cake". She started laughing, and I got so embarrassed I lost my boner. FML

Ha ha ha if I had boobs and somebody said that I would laugh! Btw there are things you can do that can "help" him with that situation :)

You're too young for this.

He's 15, what planet do you live on?

"You're too young for this" says "pornonator"....

It's poronator, moron.

It's still young ... shld focus on his studies...!!! :-D

He looks like 8

#59, In what fucking world do you live in where eight year olds look like that?

i keep thinking that you are a girl until i clicked into your picture and realized that... sorry :/

It's the placement of what looks like a picture frame, looks like a cute little bob :3

It's not like he won't ever get another boner...

#7: I dunno what medical school you graduated from, but it's a Commonly Known Fact(TM) that men only get a certain number of erections in their life, and every time the use one without orgasm, that erection is lost forever. This is the male equivalent of a woman's "biological (fertility) clock", and is also the reason why older men can't get erections without drugs--they used up all their boners. Trust me, I'm a doctor.

So what you're telling me is, if they attempt to have sex another day he won't get a boner? Oh. -_-

Yes but, he's obviously going to get another boner at some point. Yes, men have a limited number of erections but I doubt that was his last one?

wow...really #56?? No words can explain.

@56, You actually thought what he wrote about limited erections was... true? Please, do not share this wisdom with your friends. Also, the correct medical condition is called "Erectile Dysfunction" in case you want to look up the reason why men resort to taking viagra. Not all men, old or young, have to take viagra.

You have reached a new level of stupidity.

I dislike using the word stupid on people so instead I'll say, "This thread is stupid".

He want that cake cake cake cake cake cake.

Serve him some cake.

The cake is a lie!

Did you ask him what kind of cake?

I would have thought it was very sweet of him.

As sweet as the cake?

I agree. It's nice being able to laugh with someone during intimate moments like that.

Laugh with yes, but it seems more he felt she was laughing at him or he probably wouldn't have been embarrassed.

Sweeter. Like chocolate cake #26