By AznKoreanGuy - United States
Today, while getting off the bus, there was a lady in front of me wearing a dress and suddenly her phone dropped out of her bag. I picked up the phone for her which landed right beneath her dress and as she turned around she thought I was trying to take pictures of her panties and slapped me. FML
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With her own phone? What a douche.
And #13... getting her fired from that job for that incident, fine. Don't CONTINUE try to ruin someones life because you can't handle a little slap...

  twifan1901  |  0

Yup of course it is total FML I can just picture it.
Today, while I was on the bus in my nicest dress some pervert tried taking a picture of my underwear with my own cellphone FML

By  Zic_fml  |  7

That's one hell of a lady if she thinks she's attracive enough for you to picture her pants. By saying "lady", i assume we're talking about an elder.

  writergirl23  |  19

It wasn't an old lady. Even op thought she probably had panties on. Also, what old lady has a cell phone? Usually women over 60ish are distrustful of them (usually)

By  30days  |  0

Why are some people so quick to lash back. (#4) It was a misunderstanding and I'm sure she realized that and apologized after. No need to press charges or call her an ungrateful bitch.