By Anonymous - 26/09/2013 16:19 - United States - East Hampton

Today, I watched in horror as my dad picked up a dead centipede, placed it on his tongue, and then swallowed it. FML
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... Why would someone even willingly do that? Nasty.


... Why would someone even willingly do that? Nasty.

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You're completely right. I mean, who knows how long it was dead for.

If there was one thing I learned from Bear Grylls, it's that's insects are a great source of protein while stranded in the wilderness. I guess your father just feels lost in his own home...or he's really trying to scare you out of the house.

Yeah I know! Swallow without chewing?? You gotta give your dad some pointers in proper dining etiquette, OP.

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#40 Yeah, it's kinda funny how people in the western world will pay through the nose for a a wild caught lobster dinner, which was feeding on sea detritus and fish poop and who knows what, then turn their nose up at grain-fed panfried crickets. arthropods is arthropods, folks (don't eat bugs you just find on the ground, though, that's gross.)

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dip it in chocolate or wrap it in bacon.

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True dat... I mean that. Sorry was brushing my teeth

This is funny why do people not like this

Actually, even Bear Grylls avoided eating centipedes...

I never knew Bear Grylls had a daughter! :o

Well I'm assuming it's not dangerous. Gross to watch, yes. But people eat creepy crawlies all over the world on a regular basis, so he probably won't get sick. Your dad is brave, but I feel sorry for his wife who has to kiss him later.

Do you know if the venom would do anything? I know muy, muy little about entomology, so sorry for my ignorance.

OP didn't say anything about it being harmful, they just said it was horrifying.

60- It's perfectly safe to ingest venom as long as you don't have any cuts on your innards (if it gets into your bloodstream, you're ******). It's poison you can't ingest.

if I was his wife. he'd be waiting a week before I'd kiss him ... ewww

Yeah and to be honest, how does this affect your life at all? So horrible that you witnessed it, oh nooooo...

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He didn't drink his own piss, so no. More like survivor man

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he ate weird bugs and stuff all the time on that show. drinking his own piss is just a meme

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Last time I saw the show, he shoved a water tube up his ass lol. There are things you can't unsee, that was one of them.

No, if he was he would have washed it down with his own urine.

Hey, it was already dead. Can't let that go to waste, especially not in this economy.

Is he suffering from a deficiency? Maybe a deficiency of reason?

My whole brain just shut down from the horrific idea - I'm absolutely terrified of centipedes.