By Jeff G. - 23/01/2012 00:31 - United States

Today, I had to send a picture of my Grandma at her funeral to my girlfriend, because she thought I was out cheating on her. FML
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msjoyfull84 0

Sounds like a healthy relationship.

Bitch should have been at the funeral with you.


msjoyfull84 0

Sounds like a healthy relationship.

22cute 17

Exactly, why not invite your GF to the funeral with you? Seems like you would want to have her there.

His gf either has an extremely low self esteem and is therefor paranoid or she's been hurt in the past and is therefor paranoid.... Either way fyl OP.

ChronicBluntz420 7

Op, your girlfriend sounds like a needy *****.

I would have just told her to **** off and find a new guy to get dumped by. Obviously she doesn't believe in you and has trust issues if she didn't believe about your grandmothers death and needed photo proof...

n_epic_fail 14

OP, you need to get off that crazy train and find a new lady.... One that would actually attend your grandmothers funeral.

Yikes for security issues. I mean we all have personal problems, but really? Who'd lie about a funeral?

My friend does, when he starts a new job he gets happy as he realises he gets his grandparents back for future funeral days off! Sick I know...

When you realize they're both 13, it makes more sense...

lebronesque73091 12

Someone has trust issues for sure. Sorry about your grandma, OP.

What's the point of the relationship if there's no trust? It's going to cause nothing but arguments! But sorry to hear about your grandma. :(

Somewhere out in Arkansas is a scared for life women with poor self esteem

Am I the only one who thinks its weird to photograph your dead grandmother? I wouldnt do that for anybody!

I'm afraid I have to say YDI on this one. You need to respect yourself enough not to date someone who's paranoid and obviously doesn't trust you. Trust is the foundation of any functional relationship. If that isn't there, you're going to be miserable as long as you're together.

a relationship without trust is like a car without an engine.. you don't get very far.

maryam8869 7

am sure he cheated on her once ..

18- I like you're "about me" in your profile.. speaks the truth.

18 of course "because all guys are the same" right? For all we know his girl is a crazy bitch. But since we don't know the facts lets keep our stereotypes to ourselves yes? Sorry I hate it when girls use that silly excuse to put guys down.

Man I hope a stray bullet hits 18 tonite.

46 I don't know why but your comment, harsh as it was, made me laugh. And yeah 18 must be one of those girls who thinks all guys are pigs and will be probably never marry and bring sorrow to every female friend/relative of hers who ever thinks of marrying etc.

Truth. I have complete trust in my husband. That's how it should be. And 18, usually the accuser is the one that's cheating, and in their guilt, accuse their partner of the same.

xStaciexLynnx 15

65- 18 may also be a girl who was just recently cheated on and is still hurt from the experience. But hey, if you wanna make her the crazy cat lady right away, it's fine.

Whether she just got out of a bad relationship or not, it shouldn't be taken out on op, he more than likely has nothing to do with that. Even if she had a reason to be psychotically paranoid of him, she shouldn't be dating someone she doesn't trust and op shouldn't even put up with that, especially if he hasn't done anything to be untrustworthy. I know you can't always help who you love, but if op won't do something about the situation and gives into it like that, then he shouldn't complain about it.

joee182 3

you dont get anywhere in a car without an engine._.

MerrikBarbarian 9

91- your icon fits your comment far too well lol! But yes, trust is the foundation of any relationship. If op's gf is that distrustful either they need to do some major therapy or it will not work in the long run.

how do you even know what has happened in their relationship? yeah, it's pretty damn extreme but she probably has a pretty justified reason for not trusting him. but hey, I have no idea :) and if she has no reason not to trust him, you are totally correct!

That is a trusting issue gone to the extreme... she obviously does not deserve you.

Op could've previously cheated on her in the past. But still, this doesn't sound healthy.

Agree, dump her, she's not going to change

Michael_92 20

Why wouldn't you just take her?

xStaciexLynnx 15

Or he doesn't deserve her if there's reason for her to not trust him.

May I suggest listening to Drake's 'Take Care' album OP. Start with Trust Issues.

Bitch should have been at the funeral with you.

True dat. If she isn't there with you and doubts your fidelity then she shouldn't be with you period

Shelbyyyyyyy 4

Thats what i was thinkin! He should dump her, that is highly disrespectful!

pinkcrayola 0

They might not have dated long enough for that. If they're a relatively new couple, it might have been inappropriate for OP to bring her with him to something like that. Either way, she should have offered condolences instead of being a bitch.

I think OP should have asked for a photo of where she was right back. Make sure her excuse for missing the funeral was legit. Maybe then she would have realized how ridiculous her request was.

Not to mention, if OP was lying about being at his grandma's funeral just to step out on his girlfriend he'd be a scumbag. I'd like to think a vast majority of men or women wouldnt sink that low just to get away with cheating :/

armywife0609 4

Sounds like she has some insecurity's to work on I'm sorry for your loss

FinJage 18

You have an epic profile picture.

mspoutylips 8

She's cray cray. Trust issues much?

Cray cray? Why? Isn't it easier to just write CRAZY? I don't understand this generation!

Kwolfe 7

Kray* get it right if you're going to quote the song.

I do believe you need a healthy dose of the bachelor life.

And why wasn't she at your grandma's funeral with you? She should've been..