By jay ze punk - 29/01/2013 19:56 - France - Metz-tessy

Today, I took my new girlfriend to meet my grandmother. We were drinking coffee when my gran leaned to one side and let out a huge fart. Proud of herself, she added, "That one didn't pay his rent on time!" Coffee came out of my girlfriend's nose. FML
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lishajoy777 14

Yeah I would die laughing if my boyfriend's grandma did that. Don't be embarrassed!

Sounds like my mother in law! The first time I met her, we were outside the restaurant after a rather posh meal and she let rip. I fell in love with her then and there. The beginning of a pretty damn fine relationship! Don't be embarrassed OP, is all good.

Silver_89 9

That's the most epic grandmother ever! What an amazing sense of humor.

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Well at least the coffee should mask the scent.

What if there were coffee grounds in the cup. Every single breath would burn like hell!

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This really doesn't deserve any comments due to how amazing this FML is already, I applaud your grandma my dear sir

I wish my grandmother were like that when she was alive.

Ok no hate comments pkease.. What does she mean the rent wasnt paid on time.. I dont fully understand.

hawright 13

She "kicked" the fart out because it didn't pay the rent on time.

The fart didn't pay rent on time so it was evicted.

zephyre_fml 2

Awkward explaining ensues. The fart was just renting some space inside. It didn't pay the rent in time, so the gran kicked him out. Aka she farted. Quite a fast-thinking gran you have there, OP.

Was the fart given a 30 day notice tho?

LMAO just think of where that notice would have to be posted...

CheeseTron 15

Sorry guys that was an accident.

Yea, without a 30 day notice gran is lucky she got to keep the safety deposit!

9, I didn't fully understand it either, so don't worry about it.

I see only Win in this FML, just an old timer having a gas, enjoying life, if you ask me.

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The girlfriend thought it was funny too so I don't really see a problem!

That was going to be my question. Did coffee come out of his.girlfriends nose because she laughed so hard or because she freaked? First thought was that she laughed about it so its not really an FML?

Grams got nothing to be ashamed of... She's seen a lot of shit, and lived to tell about it.