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Today, I wrote my girlfriend a song. She wrote me a 13-page letter on why we should break up. FML
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Am I the only one wondering the number of things she was dissatisfied that resulted in a 13 page letter?

Tell her it was too long and you didn't read.


Tell her it was too long and you didn't read.

#33, not only is that off topic, it doesn't make any sense.

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#33 really needs a crash course in punctuation.

Took me a bit to fully understand 33s comment.

I believe they're saying don't ignore any complaints your SO voices to you.

Roses are red Violets are blue **** that bitch

So if a girl decides she no longer wants to be in a relationship with someone, she's a bitch? You sound like such a nice person.

Even if that was rude, I agree with #3 here, just because a girl wants to break up doesn't make her a bitch, but writing 13 pages about it to a guy who just wrote a whole song for her makes her a bitch for sure. Breaking up is already a painful experience, unless you're asked why, blabbing about it to the other person isn't needed. Unless OP is a horrible lover, and it doesn't seem like it, she could have just met up with him and told him it wasn't going to work.

While 13 pages does seem erm, a tad excessive, I think it's much more thoughtful to try and explain why you're breaking up with someone, rather than just dumping someone like that. I think it's sort of sweet she took the time and effort of writing a letter, although it does seem like she got carried away a bit! And I'm thinking she'd probably already written the letter, you don't just write a 13 page letter on the spot, so I'd be surprised if it was written as a reaction to the love song...

If you can get 13 pages worth of reasons your relationship needs to end then you probably should have ended things a while ago.

Blood is red Bruises are blue Dump that bitch Go anew

actually OP doesn't have to dump her, he's already got that covered

Am I the only one wondering the number of things she was dissatisfied that resulted in a 13 page letter?

it feels like she's scraping from the bottom of the barrel to hurt his feelings

They could have possibly been a really long relationship and she had a lot of material. Or wrote it like an essay and had multiple paragraphs for 13 things

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Probably wrote "You Suck" over and over in different fonts. :/

Yeah, this. I get the feeling that if those 13 pages were entirely unreasonable, trivial shit, that would've been mentioned in the FML too. Writing a song doesn't negate it if he treated her shittily beforehand.

It sounds like she didn't leave anything unsaid. But really if I had to guess, I'd say she'd have her points followed by specific examples so he couldn't just deny to her or himself that he had the quality or took that action or whatever the point was. Or she had complicated personal issues that needed resolved outside of him. Maybe both, it was 13 pages.

Maybe you can Taylor Swift that shit and use the break up letter as inspiration to write a bunch of other songs. Mainly about exes and break ups and such...

"Taylor Swift that shit" is my new favorite phrase, thank you.

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She's probably not an English major, she'd be too broke to support herself without OP...

Umm...#15, my sister is an English major and is doing just fine. That was definitely uncalled for.

Tell her "I don't know what your letter says, I didn't read it but it's things like writing 13 page letters that make me need to break up with you"

You guys weren't gonna work out anyway sounds like.