By devilboy - 06/07/2011 11:26 - Australia

Today, my girlfriend who was planning on waiting until marriage for sex decided to have sex with me. It's been 4 hours and she hasn't stopped crying, praying and calling me the devil's temptation. FML
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aprilita 8

To console her by making love to her ;)

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What a boring first comment. Anyways, OP should respect her decision. Sex isn't everything in a relationship :O

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shoulda listened to her

@Coldplaysucks: the OP DID respect his g/f's decision. The g/f decided to change her original decision ('wait until marriage') in favor of a new one ('come to bed, honey'). There's nothing stated here about OP forcing or pressuring his g/f. Indeed, with the g/f calling him 'the devil's temptation', it's entirely likely that her own (perfectly natural and healthy) sexual drive led to this event. OP, talk to your g/f. Explain to her that sex is a natural process, and a wonderful one. She's not wrong for doing it, she's not damned to hell (Jesus forgives, right?), and you aren't an agent of evil. Tell her that if she doesn't want to have sex again, you are ok with it. Tell her you still value and respect her as a person. Tell her you don't think any less of her. Of course, if all this isn't true (if you no longer respect her, or if you were only in it to win it) then **** you, OP, you're a douchenozzle.

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coldplaysucks, you commented on the first comment so if it was so borin then why'd you do it dumbass

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because you touch yourself at night

enonymous 8

So for the 2nd time tonight she's on her knees and was left in tears. You could make this better if you get a douche blessed an hand it to her

Hey, Coldplay, was that whole "sex isn't everything in a relationship" followed by the ":O" supposed to mean oral? You naughty snout, you.

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Man, OP. You were that good?

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Bah, I'd say marriage is the foundation of a good community and civilization. But heck, this is what our civilization has come to, so ignore me.

applesuckers 0

Just because "Jesus forgives" doesn't mean she can't regret it.

72- Well marriage is more of a symbolic thing, It's not like that most of the time. Atheists get married some times, do they always do it for legal reasons? I doubt it, it would be more like a pledge that they really love the person.

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-149 I think what he was saying is that it helps the society in that there is more stability.

OP, your girlfriend did the same thing to me!

apparently to 72 people sex is everything.

Jammy01jams 2

lamb- I am atheist and I want to get married. for the simple fact that I want a women to love me for who I am, and me her until we die on this miserable rock. sex is something that should not be given out to anyone and should not be done with any person you date for more than a month. It shouldn't be one of those things where someone says: "we should have sex", it should just happen when the time is right. Fuck the actual reasoning behind marriage though. The whole thing where it bonds the two and the women has to do everything the male wants. BS.

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lmao, best way too describe all this

tjv3 10

I wonder if OP did pressure her I mean virgin sex is great;) on the other hand OP maybe should have resisted and respected her original choice, but then again virgin sex is great lol

I don't need a piece of paper or an overpriced rock to prove I love my girlfriend. We plan to never get married and that's what makes us happy.:)

You're a homosexual. Your comments are biased. F*** Off.

juicedboi 7

Devils Temptation is a pretty badass nickname.

Sacurason 0

Both of you are making sense in your arguments. I understand that some of us don't need paper to prove your love and devotion to another. Personally, I wouldn't get married for the paper, the rock, the church, my parents, but for my girlfriend. To give her an enjoyable experience that bonds us not by a sheet of paper, but both mentally and emotionally. It's about emotion and commitment, not business and paperwork.

297: that's your beliefs, and I respect that.:). that's me and my GFs beliefs don't reflect everybody else's. I'm glad you feel that way, and I would never try to change it.:). Just like I hope nobody would try to change me and my GF's. I love her to death, we're both in love, and we won't get married, but we don't mean anything bad by not being married. But we don't mean offense to anybody, it's just our choice:)

aprilita 8

why is virgin sex so great?

lendalynn 5

may the power of Christ repel you hahaha srry man that sucks

reading these comments tire me....why is everyone so angry all the time on fml? smile a little :)

it's not everything, but **** why would you be in a relationship with someone that didn't want to have sex?

Because some persons (including me) believe that having intercourse before/outside marriage is a sin. If two people agree not to have sex in their relationship, that probably means they intend to get married.

@139 What does it matter if they are Atheist? You don't have to believe in anything to get married.

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bbaabobulz 3

please explain to me what kinda of dude that doesn't want any action I am replying to the " you shouldve listen to her"

Flutist 3

The type of guy who wants to respect his woman. It was her fault for choosing to have sex and she needs to get some therapy/religious help if she breaks down every time she does something "wrong." The guidelines in the bible already state "no one is perfect without God's help" and so sinners will sin and all that Jazz. Maybe Op should reconsider whether he wants to be with this girl. If having sex caused her to breakdown and Op thinks it is weird enough to put online then they obviously have different "moral" standpoints. Loving someone doesn't always mean you should be together and if Op's GF wants to be super christian Op needs to think about what that will mean.

gofferurself 10

#39 Jeff, that has nothing to do with it...moron

Fruitmonster2 15

Tell her, tell her, tell her. SHUT THE FUCK UP. It's HER fault for putting out. The **** shoulda kept her legs closed. She wanted to have sex, so they did.

fatguy805 0

according to Tom Licas or however, marriage is the last legal form of slavery :p haha

I'd say he respected her decision; she decided to have sex with him, right?

aprilita 8

To console her by making love to her ;)

Or just tell the bitch to nut up or shut up. She ****** you and she made the decision so she should grow up a little and realize that marriage is not natural and you dont need to wait to have sex.

I would say that he can use his penis to solve all her problems, but in this case it started them... oh well. It was her fault and she should get over it.


He just just stick it in her mouth, that'll shut her up :)


*should just

57 how is marriage not natural..?

157. Are you ******* stupid? Do you really think that the first humans or the species we evolved from were married? Can you please inform me of how you think marriage is natural. I can understand having long mating bonds but marriage is not natural whatsoever.

kingtz 6

Sounds like projection bias on the girlfriend's part.

157 Humans started out practicing polygamy. Mormons were the last religious group to practice it

-158 Mating for life is in most of humans nature, marriage is a word used to describe it.

204, I disagree, marriage was first used as a sort of contract between fathers and stuff. They married off their daughters in exchange for money, wealth, or power. Had nothing to do with love.

evolving? that's the biggest load of bull I've ever heard, I did not come from a monkey

No the first humans weren't married, but science suggest that they were monogamous.

addiizcherry 0

well maybe she wanted to wait until she was sure that she could handle the responsibility of a baby. there is nothing wrong with that, but maybe crying 4 hours straight is a little overboard.

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214- I will correct myself, in today's vocabulary*

gangssaboo 0

215, no one said anything about monkeys, they were talking about EVOLUTION. Evolution states that humans and APES have a common ancestor they EVOLVED from. :)

Is that not what 218 just said?

bearmichaela 0

where did you hear that? not that I disagree, I just do t think we could trace marriage back to the first one and then determine the reasoning behind it.

gangssaboo 0

oh shit, sorry KaySL, I didn't realize I said the same thing as you :/ that comments directed towards 215 :)

well, the bible states that sex is a pleasure to be shared between a married woman and man, because it brings them closer together.

Jay Alexander. You lose. You have failed in life. Holy shit. And all the people on Fml are idiots.

Shelby. Fuck the bible. Use some actual evidence. The bible is a book of fables and other short stories.

The fact that you call the bible fiction in it's entirety shows how stupid you are. Even if you don't believe in God or Christ, much of the old testament is in large part historical and very accurate.

BooGhosted 0

So it's a history book that has cute stories? No offense but one day (in my opinion) religion will no longer exist because of technology and peoples understandings of generally everything will improve.

larry12693 1

cbaidchris: so u believe that an old man rounded up two of every species and then built a huge ark becuz he had a vision from god.... and to make it anywhere near historically relevant it woulda took about 200 years... u got it... why aren't they using the bible instead of history books... (last part was sarcasm)

No shit there is factual stuff in the bible. I've read the book countless times. I have one on my nightstand. But there's also facts in Harry potter and in Huckleberry Finn. Both equally as valid as The bible.

I bet you believe in the noahs arc myth too. Don't you buddy.

306: hushh, it will be okay. you're just making yourself look pathetic by actually getting mad at FML comments. deep breaths (;

calm yourself, kid. you're getting pissed over comments on FML. get off your computer and go focus on real life issues. like moving out of your parents basement.(:

iluffmcrandbvb 1

ImAhomosexual is awesome.

I can't believe all the closed minded words on here. marriage is a religious sanction of one man and one woman. if you don't believe in it then you don't have to get married. that's why they have legal partnership. secondly, it needs to be explained that she has to accept her decision. if she still blames the guy then he should leave. temptation is a part of life. no one is perfect. there's nothing wrong with waiting to have sex till marriage. it lowers chances of getting stds and pregnancy.

pablothepenguin 2

I don't think it's right to judge this girl bc she takes the Bible or whatever other Holy book literally in this situation ... and another thing it may not have been called marriage millions of years ago and they may not of gotten married the same way (priest, etc) but it still was a bond similar to marriage ... FOOLS !

Flutist 3

Marriage/unions come in many forms, as does religion. People can believe a horned hippo from Cleveland is their God but it shouldn't prevent them from owning up to their own mistakes. If the bible is meant to be taken in context (all of it) then you are not allowed to wear blended fabric, no second marriages, you must marry your rapist and Red Lobster is the home of the devil. I think its great people have morals and live by them, Jesus (as a historical figure) made some great changes in his culture and really did seem to have the people he helped in mind. So did Buddha and Mohammad. When religion starts making you blame other people (gays, men, women) for being temptation or causing you to sin then you need a wake up call. Christianity is supposed to be about self-awareness. You have to accept you have sinner, forgive others and try to be like a perfect being. This means you have to own up to your own sins (confessionals) and work to improve your character. But having a 2,000 year old book and cult like behavior does not make the world any better for anyone. So yes, the idea of being close to one person for the rest of your life is a great idea. Being able to legally take care of them should they get sick or be taken care of should they die, awesome. But saying, excluding and blaming other people for your own lapse in judgment and telling them marriage is the ONLY way is hateful and Jesus wasn't about hate.

Would you just stfu already? Your opinions are annoying and should be kept to yourself.

OH MY GOODNESS, ImAHomosexual, I understand your opinion, and respect it, but just because you think something is pointless or stupid, doesn't mean your word on it is the say all fact, some people believe some things, some people don't, we live in a world of choice now, what grain does this argument hold, it's not like people are being forced to get married or follow the bible or whatever, if you don't like it, then don't do it, but don't discourage other people from doing it either or criticise them.

Monogamy is not natural. marriage is used as a means to secure a mate and help raise the family.

Been there to bud. Sucks dont it :/

A legal (or religious) ceremony may not be natural, but monogamy is. I imagine you're objecting (based on your username) due to the fact that gay people are not often allowed to marry. In this regard, I agree completely - the problem is that marriage has been denied to them, not that marriage exists in the first place

Marriage is not necessarily religious. (In my view at least) it is a legal ceremony signifying love between two consenting adults, of either gender

You should judge people based on everything they do. You mean one shouldn't judge people negatively bass on what they believe. That being said, if they are disturbed and hurt because of their beliefs (as the poor, indoctrinated girl in the FML clearly is), judgement is entirely appropriate, but should be reserved for her filthy scum of parents who instilled in her such self-loathing in the form of God

it was a trap!

elisolauren 0


tell her shes a filthy *****. it will at least change the crying to rage

I've been in a similar situation. Basically, if your girlfriend wants to wait until marriage and ALSO wants sex, you are trapped and your life is effed. Let this be a lesson. Girls, choose one and only one, and if your choice is to wait, STOP LEADING US ON.

alexg823 0

A booby trap. Ba dum Tss!

OP was a pussy for falling for it. Ba dum tss. The cake was a lie!!

I read that in an Admiral Ackbar voice.

Thank you! I thought I was going to be the only one!

It's her fault she did it. Why would she be crying?

Well you see, it takes two to tango. The girl is obviously too dumb to realize it's her fault too.

Or she does like every other girl, and always turns the blame on the other person to make it feel like it's always their fault. it's a piece of cake!?

Ah... Girls ARE good at blaming everyone but themselves! Especially attractive ones.

free2speak 14

He should dump her. now that's a valid reason to cry.

Because she believes in Scapegoat Fairy, otherwise known as The Devil.

#6 you play black ops?! you are officially the coolest girl here. I would add you but sadly I'm on the ps3.,


This is a long shot but she could be crying cause she's afraid of going to Hell. Silly people who believe in stuff.

24 of course the hot ones are good at pointing blame. because no one takes shit from an ugly person proven fact.

cause she's a ****** moron ahahaha

Yes, I play black ops.

that's bamf, i think I will add you.

I also play black ops :P

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Tell her the condom broke, for good measure (;

What makes you think they were using one?

1) Most likely the girl wasn't on birth control, because her parents probably have the same strong religious tendencies as her. 2) If this is her first time, she probably wasn't looking to get pregnant so SOME birth control would be implemented. 3) The guy sounds like he has had experience in the field of *******, so he's gonna want to cover his ass.

I was just thinking that if the guy never thought he would have sex for the duration of their non-married relationship, he probably wouldn't be carrying condoms around. And if his girlfriend decided to go ahead and have sex, it makes more sense that they would do it in the heat of the moment rather than wait for him to get a condom, thus giving her time to reconsider. But if that did happen, she's even more stupid to blame him for the situation. Still, you bring up valid points, as well.

It always shocks me when people have rational conversations on here ha ha..

Listen to Keyman. Wise man.

bwhahahahahahaha! win!!!

I try to be as rational as possible. Unless I'm being irrational. Then I'm not very rational at all.

she was the one that wanted to do it xD

keven501 12

Embrace the temptation

well what made her change her mind? tell her it's not your fault but hers..

yea that works with women " honey it's not my fault ... it's yours.".... I can see THAT going well.

haha are you joking me? no girl will take that well. especially not some indecisive nutso.

GreenMaze 0

she's calling you " devil temptation",she chose to do it.

FreebirdIII 1

should have given her a apple, and left.

shoulda coulda woulda.