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Today, my religious girlfriend convinced me to let her take my virginity. A few hours later, she broke up with me, crying and saying I was going to hell for having sex before marriage. But apparently she isn't, and she can't be with someone who "tempts" her. FML
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Must be catholic. Can't cope with sinners, but can be sinners.

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I think the description you're looking for Is Mind ****, Mental Intercourse, ethical masturbation, cerebral coitus...

well I guess you have a really tempting dick congrats OP that something at least be happy about sorry I laugh at shity situations because I've had too many to let it bother me any more

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Actually, because of your picture, I was hoping you'd say "That's Tabuu".

One you knock back is one you never get.

What the hell does that even mean Dude!!!

After a heap of beers, I'm not really sure.

For some reason i thought that both your comments were written by animals...yeah, I think that's enough Internet for today.

Religion is just an amplifier for crazy, don't be that guy.

My mother claims to be "religious" she's basically told me I'm going to hell for supporting gay rights, yet she's forgiven for the affair she had. That's not how Jesus and salvation work, but okay mom.

Yes it is. You can only be forgiven if you accept your guilt. Therefore if you believe gays are sinful, you'd be happy to forgive them if they admit their guilt. It's one of the few internally consistent beliefs of religious bigots.

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#24 LOL some people just think they're extra special.

I thought it was only God who judged? Not mothers or priests. Oh wait, it is all about power. That makes sense for them to the ones judging as they want to control you.

Um, not quite #30. You're in no place to judge them, if someone has done wrong to you, then you forgive whether they are sorry or not. But that's besides the point, we are called to love one another, not judge. The homosexual lifestyle aren't doing anything to you to need your forgiveness.

its just in the bible its says homosexuality is an abomination. im a Christian and i completely disagree with that.. you cant help who you love.

I bet it just rubbed her the wrong way

And yet some people ask me why I think anti-Catholicism exists still today

Of course anti-Catholicism exists. Catholicism is ******* terrible.

#106. Amen! Catholics are some of the last people to play innocent. Especially considering they took a whole continent of brown people and stripped them of their culture and language and forced their European ideals and religion on them, "all in the name of the lord!"

I thought that you joke was funny, unlike every one else apparently

Must be catholic. Can't cope with sinners, but can be sinners.

Truest words of all, and my family is catholic lol

You must be white Protestant. Can't cope with hateful people but are the most hateful people in the world.

People always get mad at me when I laugh at them for saying prejudice and hate is dead. Thanks for giving me another example that assholes still exist

c'mon guys, no hating- I know plenty of awesome Catholics (and I'm atheist :)

I know a group of Baptists like that too.

#5 It's not really their fault though. The religion is screwing with their heads and forcing them into this moral dilemma. Being a hypocrite is basically the only way out of it for them. The alternative would be to actually respect every religious norm, which would make their lives suck, or to give up religion altogether, which is a very hard thing to do, since they were raised in that religion and it has been fed into their brains ever since childhood.

#92 the leaders of the religion. the religion itself could potentially be quite nice.

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i was guessing Christian. My damily is Catholic, i have mant Catholic friends, and none are overly religious. on the other hand, my Christiam friend said i was going to hell for self harm, and being lesbian is horrible, listening to rock and heavy metal brings demons, dressing all in black is bad, and that pants are for boys, skirts are for ladies, so i should wear my skirts instead... smh

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Catholics are christians! Catholicism is a branch of Christianity.

101 I agree I have a buddy like that thinks he is better than everyone because he goes to church talks about everyone behind their back but won't admit to it when he is confronted.

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Don't nuns usually dress mostly in black? And certain priests for that matter? 0.o

I am Catholic and I can say that this is true but not all are like that. I'm definitely a sinner bc you know, sometimes, I have fun. Not going into detail, I know a bunch of different religious people who don't actually know about Catholicism and hate on it. I was raised in a Baptist church because there wasn't any Catholic church's within about 30 miles so I went there because i love church but don't be so quick to judge. People shouldn't be judged in their religion it how they look.

From my personal experience, there have been both good people who genuinely care about others and crazy hypocrites like OP's ex in all denominations. It's not a problem with the religion itself, it's a problem with individuals who fail to live it out properly.

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*family *many *christian. i just realized i have many mistakes in my other comment, sorry people!!! i couldn't edit it since it's been a few days. :(

You cant really bash on catholics just because you see that its a religious person and you assume they're that religion. I know plenty of catholics who are friends with plenty of sinners and they are sinners or they're friends with non sinners and aren't sinners. Being a certain religion doesn't mean shit because if she was a real catholic, and was really a good follower of God, then she wouldn't have done it anyways. She wasn't a true Christian.

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Amen. OP, you don't want to be with someone like that. You'll find someone WAY better.

Not really. The bullet grazed him pretty bad. He lost his virginity to her.

#41 I agree, plus he is also going to go to hell. That's always a bummer!

She seems very confused. Girls that go on about virginity can be so tiring..been a Virgin doesn't make you holy Mary. It should not Define who you are. You definitely dodged a bullet. Run.

Hardcore religious zealots are usually massive hypocrites.

All zealots are hypocritical. The moment you become 100% certain of anything, you lose connection with reality. Doubt is a wonderful defense against going batty.

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And the good book says let there be a new girlfriend. And it was good.