By anonymous - 06/07/2011 15:21 - United States

Today, my mother told me she wanted me to get an exorcism. Yes, she was serious. I'm Jewish. FML
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If exorcism cured stupidity, she should get one too. Too bad it doesn't...

steierr 7

haha lol^^

iSitt 0

U verklempt!

Coldplay. You can't cure stupid with an exorcism but you sure as hell can beat it out of her.

whybother8 0

the power of Christ compels you!

Tell her the power of Christ compells her and if she hisses and runs away then she needs one...otherwise a mental institution would suffice.

Aw darn now it seems like I'm copying whybother. Should have commented faster.

enonymous 8

Will there be cake at this bris? Do I have permission to have a +1?

I'd rather have a circumcision again.

????? ??? ?? ?? ?????.

An exorcism can cure stupidity but only if it results in death.

Although I believe in separation of church and state, hell, their needs to be a law protecting children from their parents if they have different beliefs or so... That being said I suggest the holy water treatment.

hey but i'm almost sure, that there is a jewish version of an exorcism

well you guys did kill Jesus, no offense.

Tadeusz_fml 5

'you guys' is a bit like blaming all Americans for Vietnam. One of Jesus' disciples betrayed him. And considering Jesus himself was Jewish, you should call it quits.

lilmisslovely13 15

What's an exorcism??

@97: Or, I hear water-boarding can scare hell out of you....

@127: Its like the process of exercise, but it weakens muscles instead or making them stronger.


man. that sucks.

don't post if all your going to say is "lol". it is a waste of time and space

that the new trollface?

Your jew fro will not save you from the demons!

lol ur mom is legit insane

Lauren10102 3

says the panda pointing the guns?

yeah I thought you guys only used kung-Fu as a weapon

What's with all the mom's being dumb in these recent FML's?

richard121212 0

HEY! pandas with guns are awesome, number 60!

Thelective_Lisp 5

Be happy, you're not Anne Frank.

Ughh weird but yeah FYL being Jewish that stuff ain't right..... Is she full or just part Jew? Becuz if she was part, it still wouldn't make too much sense but it'd be better than being full Jew.

miniluda12 12

haha! im sorry):

what did you do!!

richard121212 0

burned down a cross and took a dump on it