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Today, my mom admitted that her story about my dad leaving us for his current wife was a lie. He left when he caught her with a coworker. She blocked his number and got a restraining order to keep him from telling his side of the story. I haven't talked to my dad for six years because of this. FML
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By  TheTruth1428  |  0

FYL. Hopefully you call your dad and try to build a relationship with him and get away from your mom. She's the kind of woman that will rot your life if you don't get away as soon as you can.

By  TheTruth1428  |  0

FYL. Hopefully you call your dad and try to build a relationship with him and get away from your mom. She's the kind of woman that will rot your life if you don't get away as soon as you can.

  DameGreyWulf  |  0

EXACTLY two. If nothing else, OP needs to get the HELL away from his mother! Or, at least not talk to her pathetic ass for six years.

Hopefully dad understands.
It's so sad how often these kinds of things happen. I mean, that everyone believes only one side of the story and stuff. My step-aunt is raising this child with ADD, and spreads lies that she (the child) is a little uncontrollable monster. I had one-on-one time with this child, and she is far from, but nobody in the family believes me (or my mother, who also spent time with the child). Not even the poor kid's teacher believe her when she says my step-aunt and uncle mistreat her; everyone only believes them. She's only eight, and she's referred to as "demon spawn" by her own caretakers...

By  _TheSmallThings_  |  0

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  Reyo  |  2

Yes #5, because the man's side of the story is always so valuable when it comes to relationship troubles, expecially when it comes to court.

  presstik  |  0

I actually created an account to reply to you #5; I hope you feel special because your post is one of the dumbest comments I've ever seen on this site, and that's saying A LOT. If you had ANY idea about the legal system when kids areinvolved you would understand why it turned out this way, courts highly favour mothers in custody cases, especially with her story (and her apparently bat shit insane conviction) it's extremely easy to see why his mum was favoured in the decision.
Sigh, someone who spells 'doesn't with a 'z' probably won't even understand this :(.

  haweb  |  0

It doesn't actually say anything about the dad just not caring and not trying to get in touch with the kids. It could be that the dad did try and the kids chose not to talk to him because of what their mother said.

  quinnteh  |  0

#30 got it spot on. That's the whole point the mum took out the intervention order to "prevent him from telling his side of the story".

Look up "parental alienation".


Wow. One of the small things your username refers to must be your brain. OP had nothing to do with this, so how is this his fault? Also, you must not know US family court very well; they almost always favor the mother no matter what situation, and there's nothing he could possibly do to stop the restraining order. The only thing you're right on is the fact that his mom is a b*tch; on the topic of his dad, OP made it very clear that HE didn't talk to his father for 6 yrs and his mother blocked the dad's number. I don't know what your parents did to you to make you so disdainful, but I suggest you go to therapy for it. Welcome to Absentmindedcommentfailville. Population you.

OP: I can't comprehend how badly that sucks. I suggest you seperate yourself from your mom and try to reconcile with your dad. Not talking to your mom for 6 yrs. to make it even sounds like a good idea.

  Subtext  |  10

If the kids refused to talk to the father because they thought he was the bad guy, there wasn't much he could do. Especially not with a restraining order.

  Lawlipop  |  3

Humans never like to accept their faults. They'll do anything to cover it up.

I fixed it for you. Not wanting to accept that they're screwed up is a human trait in general, not one strictly limited to those of the female persuasion. Womanly conceit dictates that they don't admit they've done something horrible, but manly pride states that they too will on occasion become deceitful douchebags.

  Cormophyte  |  0

Sorry #61, but I have to stretch my experiences with males pretty far to come up with a guy who would do this. Whereas I can easily envision several women I personally know convincing herself it's okay to do this sort of thing (which is really pretty damn evil and so self-centered as to necessitate retribution just to balance life out).

OP should figure out the last time he talked to his dad, and then send his mom a note with the math worked out and a date at which he'll contact her, sometime in 2017 or so.

  jellenwood  |  34

Whoa. It’s 2018 now!