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  NeatNit  |  32

What I wanna know is, how could she refer to him as her boyfriend in a message to him, in a way that could be interpreted as someone else being her boyfriend? I just can't construct such a message in my head.

  lolbash  |  18

(Opens Imessage)
Him: Hey whats up
Her: oh nothing, just talking to the best boyfriend ever on imessage riight now
Him: oh, didnt know you have a bf
Her: (silently screaming)

  zboot  |  8

I'd be oblivious too if I didn't have a girlfriend. "Seeing" someone doesn't make you boyfriend and girlfriend unless you're 10 years old. Labeling a relationship on your own without discussing it with the other person seems like a big warning sign. Unless she was joking, I don't foresee this going well.

By  08zw  |  19

As you referred to him as "the guy I've been seeing for four months," you sound a bit unsure as well. It seems that there could be some ambiguity in your relationship. Perhaps he wants to be your boyfriend but he's been afraid to bring it up with you.

By  bad_boyfriend  |  10

Have you ever discussed it. Whenever I starts seeing someone, it is very clear when we become a couple. Why would you just assume a couple months hanging out makes him your boyfriend?