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Today, my genius boyfriend was trying to remember a particular island in the Caribbean that was used by pirates in the past. I offered up Morocco. I heard him facepalm over the phone. FML
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I'm surprised you didn't say Disneyland.

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Yeahhh math isnt my best subject either ;p


I'm surprised you didn't say Disneyland.

lol UK would have been a smarter guess. At least it's and island!

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"He must have a dick" Are you serious..?

Well OP... be glad he was on the phone. He wanted to facepalm YOU, in person. Just like me and 50 more.

All of 56's comments are disliked into oblivion. He/she is like the new gayboii.

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Dear OP, go back to school.

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56- i havent seen a single one of your comments thumbed up

56, I sometimes believe people thumb you down now just for the hell of it.

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39, do you know anything about Texas? lol I'm pretty sure I know a little more about everything than you do as do a lot of people I know. As for OP, there's just no fixing stupid.

56, why don't you just go away already? I'm almost positive you're a troll.

I'm a troll now imagine those words flying away with the wind

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103 I was going to day the exact same thing. It seems another Chantal has been added to the FML community.

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Your the idiot for thinking he's an idiot.

A7X_LoVeee 10

Hey, stormdude, it's YOU'RE.

195 you have no room to talk. you said day instead of say. idiot..

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39 you cant be thr one saying texas is full of idiots while youve never been there so keep ur fat mouth closed and keep it to ur french ass self

How do you know they haven't been to Texas? I'm European and I've been to 5 US States. It's not impossible to travel you know?

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OP's FML should be that she thought Morocco was an island.

i wouldnt say texas is full of idiots. i like it but i just hate how they beat our nba team this season

213, saying stuff like "Your French ass self" doesn't make you sound smarter...

imthatguythatdid 0
imthatguythatdid 0

240 read my picture, Okay?!?! if you cant read it then take your ass back to australia. Have you ever been to Texas before? if not then shut the **** up

Oh look, an autistic american that only resorts to violence and curse words for the exciting end of his retorts. Do not ever reproduce.

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stfu wat if someone talked bad about ur state bad? would you let it go by so easily? and you cant be the one telling ppl they cant reproduce when u cant urself. so plz for the sake of humanity quit being a troll

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**** yall if yall are gonna moderate my ass okay **** yall if yall dont like texas. we could kick yalls asses so easily yall will be wishing that yall didnt talk shit about us so go back to your shitty ass countries or cities and SHUT THE **** UP

Hey watch what the **** you say about Texas. We could crush you, no matter where you lived. And don't give me that damn argument of "Texas is a bunch of inbred gunslinging hicks blah blah blah..." Sorry we have the 14th largest economy in the WORLD. Sorry we have the military might of, frankly, one of the big five. Sorry you can't match our patriotism either. I'm not an uneducated white trash individual, I'm a college educated, medical school student. And I would defend Texas with my life. I am SO tired of people trying to make fun of Texas, when they can't even compare where they're from to here.

No Alan, I just wanted to make a point. I don't go around making fun of say, France, even if people love to. I am respectful of other people's countries, or states.

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why are ppl always talkin bad about texas? wat did we ever do to get the shit we get all the time? Texas is the leading state that provides meat and cotton for our whole nation and probably the world. we do so much for the world and nation and wat do we get? ppl calling us " inbred white trash who doesnt know shit" we do so much but ppl give us shit for everything we do

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really? how much do you contribute to that? don't say "we" if you're not actually a part of that. (I do realize that you could be a cotton farmer or something. but I really doubt it.)

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i do me and my family own a farm with about 10 cows on it and plenty of other animals we get are own milk and eggs but we also go to the store as well but we have a business selling milk and sometimes eggs to ppl in my neighborhood and we got a little thing going on. i do contribute but im not here to brag about it im just sayin everyone in texas isnt some place with inbred idiots. im just trying to make a point

What you just makes me want to make a the biggest genralation ever and it is Texans are idiots

I'm from texas, and anyone who is saying Texas > (place) Or (place) > Texas (who is actually serious, and not joking) is ignorant, the whole idea of nationalism is stupid, we all live on the same planet, there is no reason for arguing about who's greater than who. The truth is that EVERY SINGLE PLACE ON PLANET EARTH has their share of very stupid people.

200- that's exactly what I was thinking!! Lol

Texas removed evolution from text books... Also gave us bush who started wars in 3 countries which made the debt skyrocket causing the us economy to collapse... But u know. Patriotism hail jesus 911 god merica 2nd amendment constitution the flag

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He must have meant Tortuga (now Haiti) or Jamaica.

johnrdz3 24

Don't hate on Texas, assholes.

Seems like the majority of FML watch South Park, that's awesome!!

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12-that's cause it's their speed lol

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somalia isnt an island or in the carribian, its on the coast africa. some people need to study maps more often.

72. I believe they were talking about south park.

Morocco is in Africa. Somalia is an island in the Pacific. It's a territory or commonwealth of Amerca. Morocco is not. I know a Somalian person.

58-Obviously not...Somalia is a country on the Western side of Africa. it is bordered by Ethiopia and Kenya. So before you try and impersonate somebody, you may want to get your facts straight...

@#88. /facepalm Morocco is on the NW coast of Africa, Somalia is on the east coast. You're thinking of Samoa, American Samoa to be precise. Western Samoa is a country in its own right as well

88 - I facepalmed a second time (first from reading the fml) after reading your comment

72 clearly hasn't heard of the somalian pirates... /facepalm

snowboarder1417 2

95 - Somalia is on the Eastern coast of Africa....... I love when people try to correct others and are wrong themselves.

number 88.... do u know a Somalian person?

zinjiitsdanaa 3

88 and 95....seriously? Go crawl into an attic.

Since you're from Texas, you must be trolling.. It's too cliché

hmmm morocco in the caribbean?*facepalms after reading*

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what does facepalm even mean???

*facepalms at you not knowing what a facepalm is*

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*facepalms after reading your comment*

mas13 0

*facepalms at having to explain* it's exactly what it sounds like!

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*face palms after feeling left out of the face palming*

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*Facepalms after you facepalmed because you facepalmed because you felt left out of the facepalming*

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facepalm means hitting ur forehead with the palm of ur hand. like tho "coulda had a V8" commercials

48, you creeper! Ahaha, I love Minecraft...

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105- I used to have a monkey like that. it was awesome. then he died. that wasn't awesome.

*Facepalm after getting confused by #90's comment*

Facepalm is when you put ur hand over ur face

My bad it's when u put the palm of ur hand on ur forehead

My bad it's when u put the palm of ur hand on ur forehead

*ear slap* wheezywaiter on YouTube look it up you won't regret it.

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facepalms after reading your misuse of facepalm

That's Awesome! *facepalms* If it makes you feel any better. My sister in law thought Brazil was apart of the 50 states up until about 5 years ago. Wait, that might not make you feel better... LOL

ThatFatGuyBehind 3

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fail. it's PART of Africa's coast.

It's not off of Africa... it's part of its northern coastline. Fail.

VasilisaUzhasnaj 29

A whole lot of herping and derping in this here FML.

18- he's not a douche... he's just stupid.

Never mind the herpin' and derpin', there seem to be a lot more facepalms.

Congrats #7 for correctly using google you are more special than we thought

eatmyshortssss1 8

omg.. look who is the epic fail?? morocco is a northern African state on the southern edge of the Mediterranean sea! talk about dumb n dumber lol

Umm, off the coast? As in an island? You fail!!!!

Morocco is actually on the mainland of Africa you twerp #fail on you

#18 - a bit of both! if there was six members of the spice girls he'd be stupid spice!

Both my patents are from Morocco and I've been there four times... Morocco is in the northwest of Africa bordered by Algeria, Mauritania and some other African countries on the south

**** your boyfriend's life. morocco isn't even an island.

I agree. I don't know why we're surprised to feel bad for you, OP. He didn't dump you instantly? Good on you! I guess it's FYL in general for being a little dim-witted.

lawl the boyfriend knew morocco isn't an island... I think you might be missing the point.

iloveboyswittats 10

I can't tell if OP is upset cause she realized she said something incredibly dumb or if she thinks she was right and that her boyfriend is dumb for not agreeing with her. It's hard to tell because if I said something like "my genius so and so..." I think it would sound sarcastic.

lolol!!!!!! study up!!!! I may not know the island, but I would never say morocco!!!!

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Yeahhh math isnt my best subject either ;p

I love how much of a distant tangent this comment is hahaha.

That is not math.... it's history/ geography

VasilisaUzhasnaj 29

Like I said..a whole lot of herping and derping.

Capt_Oblivious 10

This comment just made my whole day.

and the award for not getting the most obvious joke goes to... rlk714!

we now know most people on FML don't know about geography, sarcasm, and facepalming. Greeeaaat!

RedPillSucks 31

I know, right! Geology, Geometry, Geography. Who the hell can tell the difference?!