By "sadh3" - 13/10/2017 04:30

Today, my pregnant girlfriend asked me if she should take a pregnancy test to make sure the baby is really hers. FML
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Get her an IQ test as well, but she may pee on it.

...that's not how any of this works.


...that's not how any of this works.

Pregnancy brain? Or very serious anxiety. Explain with simple words and gentle tone.

Well, what were the results

What a moron. Obviously YOU’D need to take the test to determine whether or not it’s theirs.

Get her an IQ test as well, but she may pee on it.

ViviMage 38

Does pregnancy cause blonde moments?

Someone Google it

You apparently didn't pick her because of her intelligence.

What a dumbass, that wouldn’t prove anything! She’d need video of you secretly implanting someone else’s fertilized ovum into you while you slept. You didn’t do that, did you?

I mean “into her.”

Hopefully the baby inherits his/her intelligence from your side of the family.

I don't. He picked her.

Pregnancy brain is a real thing!