By rtrim29 - 26/12/2009 16:18 - United States

Today, I was told by 'Seventeen' to add liquid highlighter to my foundation for an all-over glow. Little did I know that liquid highlighter is an actual makeup product. I now have an awful rash due to applying the ink from a highlighter pen. FML
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carpediem19 0

did you really think it meant a highlighter pen? like seriously, why would you think an office supply can double as makeup?

Damn, you might even be too stupid to work in ****.


nam3 0

wow op are you seriously that stupid lol fail

you should probably be reading makeup for dummies before skipping right to the big girls magazines, rtrim.

xlostwithoutu 0

After reading this I want to smack the he'll out of the OP... what a freaking IDIOT!

186- using an iPhone or iPod? :) gonna smack the he'll outta people? and op, seriously?

"I'm gonna smack the he'll out of you!"

MusicLover951320 0

OP, you fail. even my 4 year old niece knows what liquid highlighter is. you need to wear makeup more often. (: in short, FAIL. of epic proportions.

I highly doubt your 4 year old niece knows what that is...

MusicLover951320 0

Yes actually, she does. She's in pageants. she's been in them for about 2 and a half years. So in short, nice try.(:

Is she on toddlers and tiaras?! And oh yeah burrrrrrn.

MusicLover951320 0

Pretty pathetic your 4 yr old niece knows. Maybe the ladies in her life should lay off the makeup and let her know that true beauty is what really matters. While OP fails for using ink highlighters I think your family fails worse!

Is everyone going to ignore the stupidity of 1's comment just so theirs can be seen? Really? *sigh* Now I'm THAT person who starts complaining but idc. It needs to be said!

carpediem19 0

did you really think it meant a highlighter pen? like seriously, why would you think an office supply can double as makeup?

Oh, sweetie... agh... common sense, please! From now on, whenever trying to follow make-up or hair instructions, go to YouTube, and watch a video of somebody doing it FIRST.

@57 yeah, so you can watch them fail, instead of failing yourself. ;D

just for this purpose I'm going to make a faux make up video that uses office supplies.

DIY plastic surgery with scissors and craft knives???

GabbanaGirl 0

haha! Such a blonde!!!!!! LOL!

afallingstar 22

Are you stupid even 4th graders Knowles what that is

Wow. How stupid can you actually be? Why would they ask you to apply the ink from a highlighter pen on your face? Even if you don't know what liquid highlighter is, you could have always of looked it up.

YayAmerica 0

Lol. I love the people who post things like this and DON'T expect to be called stupid.

common give the girl a break .. it's probably her first time or something

terriibabiiix23 0

wow, your ******* stupid. seriously who puts highliter all over their face ?! YDI dumbass.

lwdjaymac 1
Crasken 0

grammar* doesn't really matter on the internets

renaet 0

just to be a twat: *highlighter there. now none of you need to whine anymore over this comment.

@79 How long have you been acquainted with the internet?? asterisks after a word usually indicate to note spelling mistakes. Your* a ******* idiot...

DUDE. it's because in order for it to be correct grammatically it would be YOU'RE not YOUR. god damn it. as in "you are a ******* idiot" you are=you're, you are=/=your. and also YOU ARE an asshole

@87- Are you blind or just retarded? #7 wrote "your ******* stupid," you corrected his/her mistake by writing "Your* a ******* idiot." How in hell do you not notice that you're: A) Incorrectly correcting a grammar error. B) Correcting said error by making the same mistake #7 made. It's sad, really.

There are a lot of ******* deadbrains in here.... I was mocking the idiot by using their own mistake... For the love of God, does anyone have a sarcasm meter anymore?? Maybe YOU are the ******* dumbshit asshole for not being able to understand dry humor.

@ Captain_Jello, I understood the joke :-D On topic, I wish 12 year olds would stay off the internet and go be stupid with their freaking middle school friends.

eMo_gurll200 0

I beg to differ. We aren't THAT stupid. Some of us are actually mature. So stop saying shit about age groups when you don't have proof. Go do something useful for a change.

bballmer 1

haha....y'all stupid for still talkin' 'bout it!!

vballerlover07 0

Uhm, 171, we were all your age once and we all know how stupid and immature you guys are. Even though we THOUGHT we were mature, we really weren't. So yes, get off the big girls and boys websites, kay? :)

slushpup9696 12

195, shut up. You're just stereotyping age groups. For all we know, 171 could be perfectly mature.

you're a dumbass . this isnt funny, it's just sad . YDI frick .

kickle127 0

haha wow lmao! YDI why would you put an actual highlighter in it??? LOL

little_birdie 0

wow. i cant believe you actually thought to do that. That just made my day- good luck with that rash!