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Today, my boyfriend used the "this isn't working, we need to talk" line on me. How nice of him to wait this long to do so, just days after we returned from the expensive Caribbean holiday that I paid for. FML
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he's a selfish dick. sorry bout that though

Lol @ the FML community, where doing something smart means you're selfish. YDI for even paying for everything in the first place.

How the **** is that smart? OP's now ex bf is a total selfish douche. If he wasn't so selfish he would have said something before the trip.

What if he realized things weren't going great during the trip?

36, using ad hominem because you can't counter my logic? Yep, quintessential angry FMLer here folks.

He was being smart as well. And I'm sure anyone would do the same in his situation. Whatever happened to being honest these days?

No kidding :/ And guys, remember this story when you're griping about how all girls expect you to pay for them.

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38, you're a cowardly douche for sure, but don't paint everyone else as one too. I know it eases your conscience a little but it's totally wrong. Your troll logic sucks too, "smart" =/= right.

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I don't see why OP's boyfriend is a selfish dick at all. He should have been a gentleman and at least offered to pay for half of the trip but still, maybe he realized they weren't meant for each other while on vacation. Staying a week with someone and only them shows if you really want to be with that person. Just because he broke up with her right after the vacation doesn't necessarily mean he only used her for the trip itself.

My thoughts exactly. This is a situation I had found myself in years ago. The trip was the last Mai Tai so to speak. I did offer to pay for half the trip but she refused. While the ex may not be a gentleman it doesn't mean he manipulated her until the trip was through.

38, do you realise that your comment is Ad Hominem as well?

No, in fact. The boyfriend was the bad guy here. Not only did he not pay anything for the trip, but decide after? Sure, he might not have realized it during the trip, but he should have paid. And as for another problem I have encountered, you can't just 'find someone better.' She probably loved him a ton, and money doesn't grow on trees. Point maker, out.

Maybe she was unbearable to be with for an extended period of time.

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Better than breaking up right before or at the start of the trip, as many FMLs describe.

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Wow you definitely deserve better than him anyway!!!!

Well, at least he waited until after the trip to tell you... FYL OP.

He may have used you for a vacation, but at least he didn't ruin the vacation while you were down there.

I wonder what did he break up for ? He was a free loader anyways . And she was nice enough to pay his charge aswell, not alot of people do that

And that's why men have a bad reputation.

lol well said, man. guys & girls are both deceptive. the other fml was about a guy leaving an engagement ring on his pillow for his girlfriend & she just took her stuff & left without a word. girl assholeness = guy assholeness we're equal in that playing field

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Your boyfriend is a smart man

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